e3 2019


Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s E3 hangover

Honestly, I wondered how the heck Final Fantasy XIV could top the revelation about Hydaelyn and Zodiark at the start of this year's E3....
Everything old is... well, it's actually still old.

EA held a summit about toxicity and healthy video game communities at E3

In March of last year, a whole truckton of video game companies announced the formation of what they called the Fair Play Alliance, a...

The Daily Grind: What was the best MMO-ish reveal or announcement of E3?

Another E3 has rolled in and rolled out, and it wasn't the worst E3 we've seen in recent years at all. In fact, insofar...

E3 2019: Terraria: Journey’s End will be the game’s final update before entering maintenance mode

It's been a long trip for the 2-D multiplayer side-scrolling exploration title Terraria, and while we don't cover this one particularly closely, the upcoming...

E3 2019: OARPG Torchlight II is launching on console, including the Switch, this fall

Torchlight Frontiers has a nice chunk of the MMO community occupied right now, but let's not forget about Torchlight II, an (O)ARPG that was...

E3 2019: Black Desert will launch on PlayStation 4 this year as the mobile version finally comes westward

Did you think the announcement about a new expansion and new class was all Black Desert had in store for E3? Nope! Pearl Abyss...

E3 2019: Dauntless hits 10 million players and is heading to the Switch

All the hip kids are playing Dauntless, it seems. Phoenix Labs reported today that the game had managed to hit 10 million players, which...
Forget it, back to the last place.

E3 2019: The Division 2 heads back to New York for third DLC, plus Uplay and movie updates

It seems a little odd that The Division 2 sends us down to Washington, DC when our actual main antagonist heads right back to...
Warping shadow.

E3 2019: Final Fantasy XIV shows off the Shadowbringers launch trailer

We're going to go ahead and guess that Final Fantasy XIV fans do not need to be brought on board for Shadowbringers at this...

E3 2019: Warframe re-reveals Empyrean expansion in brand-new trailer

We're getting a peek into Warframe's upcoming Empyrean expansion today courtesy of the reveal on the PC Gaming Show from E3. "Empyrean is Digital...

E3 2019: Woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis is set to launch in September

Back in January, we covered a brand-new survival MMO dubbed Last Oasis, said by developer Donkey Crew to be a "post-apocalyptic clan-based nomadic survival...

E3 2019: Funcom’s April Fools’ Day game, Conan Chop Chop, was not a joke, and it launches September 3

So you guys remember this past April Fools' Day, right, when Funcom "announced" its new game called Conan Chop Chop? A game about which...

E3 2019: Bethsoft’s Project Orion tackles streamed gaming from an engine tech angle

At BE3 last night, Bethsoft took the wraps off Orion, a project that... well, it's not Elder Scrolls VI, so I suspect most gamers...

E3 2019: Minecraft Dungeons delays to 2020, drops new trailer

In the oddly specific Venn diagram where Minecraft fans and small-group co-op lovers collide, the center offers a tantalizing solution to appeal to both...
House of skulls.

E3 2019: Anthem is going to let you assemble groups from guild rosters

Having trouble putting together a group of high-quality teammates in Anthem these days? That may change soon thanks to a new feature that's being...

E3 2019: Apex Legend’s Season 2 brings a new Legend, a new weapon, and more next month

The folks at Respawn Entertainment announced at EA Play this weekend that Season 2 of Apex Legends will be kicking off next month on...

E3 2019: Everything we know so far about Elder Scrolls Online’s new DLC, Scalebreaker and Dragonhold

The Elder Scrolls Online got a spotlight during Bethsoft's BE3 showcase last night, but it was surprisingly brief, with the highlights being the trailer...

E3 2019: Fallout 76 details Wasterlanders, Nuclear winter, and combat revamp as the canvas-bag saga finally ends

As we previewed last night, the Fallout 76 team (re-)announced the free Wastelanders content update at the Bethsoft presentation last night. It's expected to...

E3 2019: Elder Scrolls Online reveals Dragonhold and Scalebreaker, Fallout 76 confirms Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter

Bethesda and ZeniMax are streaming their presentation on all their games from their pre-E3 "BE3" show this evening beginning at 9:30 p.m. EDT. MMORPG...
Very, very, very late.

E3 2019: Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally coming to the US in 2020

All right, so it has already been seven years and basically everyone who was excited about this game has probably long since given up...