E3 2019: Elder Scrolls Online reveals Dragonhold and Scalebreaker, Fallout 76 confirms Wastelanders and Nuclear Winter

Plus Blades on Switch, Elder Scrolls Legends, and Orion

Bethesda and ZeniMax are streaming their presentation on all their games from their pre-E3 “BE3” show this evening beginning at 9:30 p.m. EDT. MMORPG players are expecting an Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr recap, details on the previously confirmed Stadia launch, and the reveals of the two more Season of the Dragon DLC planned for 2019. Worth noting is that the ESO studio is giving out a Clouded Senche-Leopard mount and five Ouroboros Crown Crates to everyone who logs in to watch the show on Twitch, so make sure you take advantage of that.

We’ll be updating this piece below as important news relevant to MMOs is revealed!

Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax’s Matt Firor is up! As expected, he’s recapping the still-got-that-new-dragon-smell expansion for ESO, Elsweyr, leading right in to the world premiere of a brand-new trailer and the announcement of both new DLC coming this year: Dragonhold and Scalebreaker.

“ESO’s next DLC game pack, Scalebreaker, is set to arrive in Q3 and brings two new dungeons for you and your team to conquer: Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok. Both of these challenging new dungeons are part of the Season of the Dragon storyline, pitting you and your team against Dragons like the ones you faced in Elsweyr. However, not all want to destroy the legendary beasts, and the Halls of Colossus was not the only place that held Dragons. Both dungeons showcase stunning new environments, challenging battles, and compelling stand-alone stories that tie into the Season of the Dragon. The battles ahead might appear daunting, but those brave few willing to face the challenges within Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok will receive powerful new items and unique collectibles as rewards.”

We’ve been covering news that ZeniMax has been working on a second game, and it’s been revealed tonight as a mobile Commander Keen title – sorry if you were hoping it was an MMORPG, but it is still cute!

Fallout 76

Todd Howard acknowledged once again the “well-deserved criticism” for Fallout 76, but he thanked players and joked that people are too nice – instead of ganking people, they’re helping newbies. The devs re-announced Wastelanders, a free content update that will totally change the game – and yeah, it’s got NPCs with “full dialogue trees” and a “long-term stories.” The game will also open a free trial for all players starting tomorrow – and that includes Nuclear Winter, the game’s de facto battle royale mode.

Elder Scrolls Blades

Bethsoft announced a new update for the mobile game – launching tonight – including a dragon questline, custom jewelry system, and solo arenas. The game is also destined for the Nintendo Switch this fall.

Elder Scrolls Legends

Moons of Elsweyr is coming later this June!


Bethsoft announced Project Orion, a “patented collection of software technologies that will optimize game engines for superior performance in a streaming environment.” The company says “an Orion-enabled game will be faster, more fluid, and provide players with a fundamentally better streaming experience, regardless of the game or streaming platform.”

Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI

Todd Howard says the company is still working on both, but there was nothing else on either game unfortunately.

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