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Bless Unleashed opens up with its founders packs ahead of launch

All right. So we have a release date on PC for Bless Unleashed (specifically, August 6th). We have a clear picture of any and...

Dual Universe launches additional crowdfunding with supporter packs

Excited for the release of Dual Universe? The game is still planning for a launch this year, but like any ongoing game project, especially...

Legends of Aria reveals founder’s pack rewards

Planning on dropping a shiny dime (plus several hundred additional dimes) on one of the founder's packs for Legends of Aria? You'll gain access...
Oh, that's what tanks look like.

Armored Warfare trundles into early access on PlayStation 4

Tragically, the PlayStation 4 suffers from what we in the industry call a "tank gap," which is a made-up metric that entirely relies upon...
Be the first on your streetj to give us money!

PSA: Crowfall is retiring its current pledge packages on December 31

We can assure you with absolute certainty that after the end of this year, Crowfall will still be willing to take your money. But...
Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous teevee show.

SamuTale brings out a horse-filled update for closed alpha

If you bought a founder's pack for SamuTale, you could have been already playing in the game's closed alpha... but you couldn't have done...
Sneak and stab.

Revelation Online opens up founder’s packs for sale

If it's a free-to-play game coming out in the near future and it's got a beta schedule, you probably know enough to expect a...
Horsin' Around

SamuTale releases founder’s packs for sale

The first alpha tests for SamuTale are scheduled to start soon, which is excellent news for anyone who has a deep and passionate love...

Paladins has founder’s packs

I guess founder's packs are the new early access, that being the developer weapon of choice for separating gamers from their money in the age...

Buy a founder’s pack, get into this weekend’s Blade and Soul alpha

If you're looking for a sure way to get into Blade and Soul's alpha test, then it won't hurt to hand NCsoft a little...

Blade & Soul founder packs are now available for planned Q1 2016 launch

I was very excited to sit down during Gamescom with Nicolas Coutant, producer at NCSOFT West, about the upcoming US and Europe release of...

Heavy Gear Assault brings robot battling to a wider world

Mech fighters now have another option for their online gaming pleasure, as a title called Heavy Gear Assault has been making its way through...