Legends of Aria reveals founder’s pack rewards

Legends of Aria reveals founder’s pack rewards

Planning on dropping a shiny dime (plus several hundred additional dimes) on one of the founder’s packs for Legends of Aria? You’ll gain access not only to closed beta testing and the promised seven-day headstart when the game launches but several in-game rewards as well.

Founder’s packs and their associated rewards are now available for purchase. These begin at $30 for the “noble” package and scale up to $90 for the “lord” bundle. Each of the three packs contains a different type of cloak, with the higher tiers containing niceties such as crowns, thrones, and furniture. Just the thing to correct the oversight that no one has made you a king yet.

Legends of Aria is currently in closed beta testing and is working on expanding the team and packing in more features for launch, such as better mob AI and a new player tutorial.

“We have lots of great features in the pipeline and we are making strides in adding depth to our core sandbox features which really set us apart,” the team said.

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