life is feudal

Official Site: Life is Feudal
Studio: Bitbox, Ltd.
Launch Date: September 19, 2014 (Steam early access)
Genre: Fantasy sandbox
Business Model: B2P

I suppose this is a problem I'm happy to complain about.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 152: Allied races and superhero sprints

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, ARK, Portal Knights, World of Warcraft, Champions Online, Fractured, Ship of Heroes, Black Desert, Elder Scrolls Online, and Life is Feudal, with mailbag questions on teaching MMO teamwork to kids and lockboxes vs. advertising.
And the cycle continues.

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Life is Feudal MMO starts early access on January 11

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Life is Feudal is rolling out a clean-slate roleplaying server following shaky open beta launch

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Justin and Bree discuss MMORPG Halloween, Trove, World of Warcraft, EverQuest II, DDO, Life is Feudal, Bless, Destiny 2, and Project Gorgon, with a mailbag question on how and whether we should all be supporting struggling MMOs.

The Life is Feudal MMO finally has a soft launch date: November 17

After what seems like a million years of testing (not really though), the MMO version of Life is Feudal is finally leaving closed beta...

Life is Feudal introduces horse-drawn carts in new video

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ARK and Conan aren't the only survivalboxes in town -- in fact, several of the modern contenders in the subgenre have updates and videos...