Life is Feudal is rolling out a clean-slate roleplaying server following shaky open beta launch


The MMO version of Life is Feudal got off to a shaky open beta start last week, not that our seasoned MMO veteran commenters seemed surprised in the least. There were crashes, disconnects, login server issues, missing rewards, and surely worst of all, a full game wipe to counter exploits.

Those exploits have since been fixed, and now Bitbox is thanking the community for sticking by it and discussing its plans for the immediate future. And they include, surprisingly, a roleplay server, though you can’t transfer your current characrers there; you’ll have to start from scratch.

“The game world settings will be tweaked to slow down progression a little, and have a bigger penalty for unprovoked PvP (alignment loss) and some other tweaks to make it a more RP friendly environment,” Bitbox says, noting the server will be in Europe. “We want to warn everyone that we’re not going to enforce 100% accurate roleplay and ban users for the lack of lore knowledge, but those aspects are strongly encouraged!”

The studio also rolled out a patch over the weekend with a handful of bug fixes, plus a jewelry rebalance and tweak to weapon decay rates.

“Our next biggest goal now is to fix server node crossing bugs, especially those that cause loss of horses/horse pulled carts. There is no ETA for a fix yet, but we’re working hard and hope to have some results next week. We are also aware that your premium subscription status sometimes gets lost with all the skins and buffs while crossing server nodes borders. Don’t worry, just relog and you’ll be fine! We’re working on a fix for this feature too.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Olivier!
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