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Saga of Lucimia argues GM events should be mandatory in MMOs, not an ‘optional service’

A few months ago, we ran a Leaderboard poll asking players what kind of live studio-led events they want out of MMORPGs. By way...
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The Daily Grind: What are acceptable barriers to experience the story in an MMO?

One of the things that strikes me with a certain degree of bemusement is how often various bits of story in Guild Wars 2...

MMO Burnout: The Crew

I broke down and bought The Crew on PC, mostly because it was briefly on sale for 13 bucks. I'd been meaning to pick up...

The Daily Grind: What feature do you wish MMO devs would stop implementing?

There are few things in this life that I'm sure about, but one of them is the fact that I can't freaking stand MMO...

BioWare creative director on getting back to SWTOR’s story

EA has released a new dev blog by Knights of the Fallen Empire creative director Jesse Sky. Sky likens Star Wars: The Old Republic's forthcoming...

The Division gets a Dark Zone story trailer

Earlier this week Ubisoft revealed a Dark Zone gameplay trailer for its forthcoming action shooter called The Division. This week, the firm released a story...

Ascent’s new president of the galaxy ruffles feathers, furthers roleplay

Ascent's president of the galaxy election is in the books, and a player named Prolapser ran away with 77 percent of the popular vote....

SWTOR lead writer talks expansion story and companions

If you're curious about the story coming your way in BioWare's next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, you should probably read a post...

The Daily Grind: Does story matter in MMORPGs?

We're breaking out the Daily Grind questions offered up by some of our Kickstarter donors today with one by Kharl, who wanted to talk...
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Former Guild Wars 2 writer becomes Bungie’s ‘loremaster’

Former ArenaNet writer John Ryan is now Bungie's "editor/loremaster," according to his Twitter account. Ryan started at ANet in 2010 and worked on Guild...