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The Stream Team: MOP’s 5th birthday party, afternoon edition

Happy birthday Mo! Today marks the 5th year that Massively OP has been news-ing, opinion-ing, and streaming right here at our very own...
And the population is...

PSA: Outpost Zero is available for free until July 25

Have you been sorely tempted by Outpost Zero but want to take it for a test drive before buying it? Well, you're...

The Stream Team: A new, improved Outpost Zero base – with vehicle!

The last time Massively OP's MJ checked on her Outpost Zero base after a break, things were pretty hunky-dory. Not so this...

The Stream Team: Checking Outpost Zero’s base after a break

Massively OP's MJ has been traveling and out of town for work, so she hasn't really had a chance to check in on her...

The Survivalist: Outpost Zero improvements have really increased its fun factor

Sitting back and loosely following the development of an early access game, then hopping in here and there to check out a score of...

The Stream Team: Onward into more Outpost Zero

With early access comes the inevitable server wipe. Massively OP's MJ is OK with this as she gets to find a new cool place...

The Stream Team: A first foray into Outpost Zero multiplayer

Your voices have been heard! The votes is in and Massively OP's MJ is heading back into Outpost Zero for some more robotic survival....

Multiplayer survival sandbox Outpost Zero hits Steam early access

The super pretty survivalbox Outpost Zero has planted roots in Steam's early access program. It's currently $15.99; tinyBuild and Symmetric Games say...

The Stream Team: Working through Outpost Zero pirate invasions

Massively OP's MJ can't seem to get much base building done in Outpost Zero because she keeps being interrupted by rude pirates! She's not...

The Stream Team: Creating a robot army in Outpost Zero

Massively OP's MJ got a taste of commanding robots in Outpost Zero, and she wants more! She wants to build up a full robot...

The Stream Team: Building a base in Outpost Zero

Massively OP's MJ learned about many dangers (the hard way) in Outpost Zero. Now, she's ready to build up her base. It's about...

The Stream Team: First steps into Outpost Zero

Back in January Massively OP's MJ learned about a new FPS survival game, Outpost Zero. Now, she's not a great fan of first-person...

The Survivalist: Another year, another Survival Game guide

A new year, a new batch of survival games! Yes, the genre has become so popular that one guide, no not even

Outpost Zero lets you build a bot army to conquer a planet

Don't do survival the hard way, with only your fleshy meatbag shell as your primary resource. Use your brains and futuristic technology to summon...