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The Daily Grind: How much do you care about performance rankings in your MMO of choice?

I have an odd sort of relationship with performance when it comes to my MMO choices, whether it be class or skills or whatever....

New World is patching in a solid boost to its frame rate this morning [Updated]

There are very few instances wherein you want a game's framerate to be ruined. While it's possible, it isn't expected. So it is unsurprising...
I've looked at clouds form one side now.

The Daily Grind: Do DPS numbers help you improve your play in an MMO?

Let's be perfectly clear here, this question is not meant to be theoretical but personal. Whether or not DPS numbers should be in World of Warcraft...
It's a boss, and it is deadly.

The Daily Grind: How much does personal performance matter to you in an MMO?

As I've stated on many occasions, I have no interest in progression content in MMOs. I know from plenty of experience doing it that...
I blew things up!

Apex Legends’ latest patch is all about sounds and hit detection

Is Apex Legends just too darn loud? The game's next patch is out today, and one of the things that it's doing is just turning...
This one hurts.

Otherland discusses the process of improving visuals and performance at the same time

Graphical quality is an ongoing struggle. On the one hand, developers want to make the prettiest game possible; on the other hand, no one...
This is rendering at one frame per ever.

Ship of Heroes talks plainly about its FPS testing from a technical side

It's very important to keep an eye on the FPS performance of an MMO, but it's also something that tends to not be discussed...
Oh, sure why not.

Gloria Victis trims up performance issues while planning for siege weapons and workshops

Performance is both an important part of any online game and also kind of boring to play around with. So it is a very...

Crowfall improves performance by changing terrain

It's far too early in Crowfall's testing to worry about optimizing the game's frame rate and overall performance, but there's a difference between "optimizing"...
Oh my.

New Bless Online producer’s letter tackles optimization issues and hacking

The saga of Bless Online's turbulent Western release (which we dove into last week) continues with a new producer's letter posted today, this time...

Interview: Neowiz on Bless Online’s tech, class balance, gems, PvP, and more

Neowiz’s Bless has been the subject of much chatter lately (not least of all my own), with its troubled, let's say, launch raising a...

Sea of Thieves servers buckle and break under a surge of would-be pirates

Whether you are personally playing it or not, there are a lot of ambitious pirates trying to cram their way into Sea of Thieves...
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Camelot Unchained squishes bugs and improves performance in crunch time

The Camelot Unchained team is hard at work bringing the game into a beta state, and that means killing bugs. The good news is...

Check out a test drive of DayZ’s new rendering engine

You remember DayZ, don't you? It's not the only survival sandbox on the market any longer, but it's still in early access and being...
Goal: murder.

Final Fantasy XIV boasts 5 million registered accounts

Let's start this news item with an important caveat - we don't know how many actual active subscribers Final Fantasy XIV has at the...