Steam is altering the early access refund deal – pray it does not alter it any further

If ever you needed another reason not to purchase or play games in early access, Valve has stepped forward to give you a huge...
Burn it all.

Fortnite’s $245M FTC settlement over COPPA violations means you might be entitled to a refund

All right, people, hold your horses. The FTC is indeed giving out money from its settlement with Fortnite developer Epic Games, but it's specifically...

Pirates weep as Skull and Bones issues automatic PlayStation refunds

Just a few weeks after Ubisoft sank the hopes of every player who was hoping to finally get their hands on Skull and Bones...
Yeah, cool.

Google Stadia hardware refunds have begun rolling out following its cancelation

Just two months ago, Google announced the sunset of Stadia, which was less a surprise than an expectation at that point, given the company's...

GOG offers No Man’s Sky refunds after players discover that multiplayer won’t come for months yet

As you may have seen, No Man's Sky is back in the spotlight thanks to this week's massive NEXT multiplayer update. However, not all players...

Marvel Heroes players seek refunds in the face of the game’s closure

With the shutdown of Marvel Heroes looming about a month and a half away, players are scrambling to see if they can obtain a...

Star Citizen denies claims that a backer sought and received a $45000 refund

If you're as "fed up" with waiting for Star Citizen as Chris Roberts is "fed up" with providing endless moving release dates for alpha...

Survival sandbox Rust has refunded $4.38M to players so far

Have you ever wondered how many copies of any particular game players return for refunds on Steam? In the case of the popular survival...

Star Citizen changes refund clause for new backers, plans procedurally generated planets for 2.7

There's no doubt that Star Citizen has sold a massive flotilla of ships and raised staggering amounts of money... but what if the game...
Suit up.

Crowfall is going to start enforcing its ‘no refund’ Terms of Use policy

The official wording of Crowfall's Terms of Use policy has been that pledge packages will not be refunded. You buy a package, it's yours,...

The Stomping Land creator apparently abandons project

Friends, it pains me to say this, especially when dinosaurs are involved, but it might be time to give up hope on The Stomping...