star wars the old republic

Official Site: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Studio: BioWare/Electronic Arts
Launch Date: December 20, 2011
Genre: Sci-Fi Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

The Stream Team: Finishing SWTOR’s story

Just because real-life polls closed last week doesn't mean your voting days are done. No, you are needed right here, to help determine the...

The Game Archeologist: Halo Universe

Since its debut on Xbox back in 2001, the Halo franchise has been a massive powerhouse and a mainstay for shooter fans. To date,...

Star Wars: The Old Republic adjusts operations, hypes Jedi Under Siege

Promising a return to a "much regular update cadence," the Star Wars: The Old Republic operations team has some fixes and adjustments...

Hyperspace Beacon: Five tools to up your roleplay game in SWTOR

As you all know, I like to roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In fact, creating characters and creating struggles for them...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 194: It belongs in a museum!

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO's progression server, Trion's travails, the Video Game Museum's big win, Hellgate London, ESO Murkmire, Wild West Online, and Just Survive, with mailbag entries on P2W in emulations and mainstream MMO condescension.

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When Lord of the Rings Online announced its new progression server plan earlier this week, the LOTRO community immediately went into a state...

Hyperspace Beacon: Obtaining the Masterwork armor in SWTOR Update 5.10

I'm torn on this new armor achievement system in Star Wars: The Old Republic. On the one hand, everyone can get the armor...
Actually developing a title to not be a boring slog is a skill some developers have yet to master.

Perfect Ten: The 10 types of skill in MMOs

Everyone has a very strong opinion about player skill in MMOs. This is understandable. Furthermore, I've met a lot of different people with different...

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MJ, Justin, and Bree discuss Trion's acquisition, Aion's Awakened Legacy, MMO Halloween, Black Desert's Russian un-fiasco, SWTOR, MapleStory 2, and ZeniMax's new maybe-MMO.

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I think a lot of us unfamiliar with the IP might be giving Funcom's upcoming Mutant Year Zero a wary look and a...

LOTRO Legendarium: Wait a minute, LOTRO, you lost me

If WildStar will go down in gaming history as the MMO with the consistently shortest quest text, then Lord of the Rings...

Star Wars: The Old Republic is giving players its first two story expansions for free

Mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has recently introduced a number of characters from the acclaimed Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old...

Hyperspace Beacon: Old characters, rumors, and nostalgia in Star Wars The Old Republic

I believe a game has hit an unusual place when players get nostalgic pangs for a game within the game itself. We see that kind...

The Stream Team: Betrayer’s remorse as the SWTOR hunt continues

Was that a hint of remorse Massively OP's Larry and MJ saw last time? Could it be that a favorite companion can be redeemed...

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Justin and Bree discuss Star Citizen, LOTRO, EverQuest II, Star Trek Online, SWTOR, New World, and Black Desert, with reader mail about forging social connections in MMOs.

One Shots: Filtered to perfection

I don't usually spend a lot of time running pictures through filters, but it's pretty cool when I see someone doing this that knows...

Here’s a run-down of everything coming to SWTOR in the next month and a half

There is no eloquent way to explain everything that is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic from now until December. So let's just...
Yes, this is one such alt.

Perfect Ten: Ten MMO systems that encourage alts

Here's how much I like having alts: I have alts in Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI. Two games which are...

The Daily Grind: How do you set up your MMO user interface?

The other day I logged into Star Wars: The Old Republic for the first time in a while, and I once again felt...
Why do you need TWO lightsabers? ONE is plenty!

Massively OP Podcast Episode 190: SWTOR Unite!

Justin and Bree discuss Mike Morhaime's exit from Blizzard, the launches of Lineage 2 Classic and MapleStory 2, Legends of Aria's early access, and Bless Online's F2P plans, plus MMO guilds, how WoW might someday end, what the #SWTORunite community effort is all about.