Star Wars The Old Republic plots new story content, Lane Vizla missions, and a spring event in GU 7.5


With Game Update 7.4 already out the door, the Star Wars: The Old Republic dev team is already looking ahead to releasing Game Update 7.5, which got some fresh new teases in the final paragraph of the latest producer’s letter.

GU 7.5 will introduce some new story content for players to look forward to, which is bearing the title Desperate Defiance and promises to bring fans back to Hutta. The final story missions for Lane Vizla that Broadsword referenced previously are once again confirmed for the patch, and a springtime event that “players will have a pretty cozy time with” is also on deck.

More details for this next update will be coming down the pike, starting with the next dev stream scheduled for sometime in April. In the meanwhile, SWTOR has tuned several GU 7.4 features, with changes to reputation objectives for the current Galactic Season among many other season fixes and adjustments, lowered item drop rates for new items in the grade 11 treasure hunting lockbox, and making specific world drops bind to legacy.

source: official site (1, 2)
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