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WWII Online posts 2023 roadmap, boosted by ongoing graphical and engine upgrades

World War II Online is still alive and barreling toward its 22nd birthday, I'm happy to report, and it's joining the many MMORPGs that...

World War II Online touts ‘magnificent year of development’ and hints at a ‘different’ future

Fun fact: World War II Online's (Battleground Europe's) constant battles have now gone on longer than four times the actual length of WW2. And...

World War II Online marks 21 years by handing out premium access to everyone for a limited time

Yesterday, June 1st, marked the 21st(!) anniversary of World War II Online, and in order to celebrate the milestone, Cornered Rat Software is opening...

World War II Online plans new vehicles, new weapons, and new features in 2022 dev roadmap

Developer Cornered Rat Software has a lot of things lined up for its large-scale military MMO World War II Online, as the devs have...

World War II Online turns 20, tweaks sub, plans Steam launch and UE4 conversion

Cornered Rat Software's MMO World War II Online is 20 years old, believe it or not, and still under development "so as the create...

World War II Online delivers promised bomber loadouts and the Panzerjager, adds new terrain and features

Back in February, the multiplayer shooter World War II Online offered up a 2021 roadmap with promise of several new vehicles and quality-of-life features....

World War II Online’s 2021 roadmap includes bomber loadouts and halftracks

The conflict in World War II Online -- also called Battleground Europe -- doesn't seem to be any closer to a resolution than it...

World War II Online aka Battleground Europe gives two free weeks of play over the holidays

What better gift to get over the holidays than bloody and unending conflict that harkens back to 80 years ago? That's the joy that...

The Game Archaeologist: World War II Online

The 1990s saw the rise of flight simulators that thrived on detailed, complicated controls and handling. Such games threw out accessibility and casual-friendliness for...

World War II Online aka Battleground Europe just got a fresh update with a new campaign

So here's a little bit of old-school awesome for your week: World War II Online just rolled out a big update. The 2001 MMORPG...
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Happy birthday to WildStar, Crossout, and World War 2 Online

The beginning of informal summer is a favorite time for MMO launches, which also means it's prime time for birthdays and anniversaries. WildStar, for...

Battleground Europe brings vintage WWII warfare to Steam

Even an old dog can find itself a fresh young pup in the right circumstances. Battleground Europe, originally known as World War II Online,...

Battleground Europe gives free access for its 15th birthday

If you're looking for long-running MMOs that have somehow survived the ravages of time and advancing technology, you should at least tip your hat...