World War II Online aka Battleground Europe gives two free weeks of play over the holidays


What better gift to get over the holidays than bloody and unending conflict that harkens back to 80 years ago? That’s the joy that World War II Online is looking to bestow on all of you recruits. Er, I mean, gamers.

The MMOFPS, which also goes by the name Battleground Europe, announced that it’s activating all accounts for two weeks of free game time between now and January 5th. If you’re largely ignorant of this title, we gave it a deep look earlier this year in our Game Archaeologist column.

As we wrote: “Modern World War II Online finally arrived on Steam back in 2017, where it has remained active but in early access ever since. It might be complicated to learn, but chances are that you’re not going to get this kind of experience anywhere else.”

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Always had a soft spot for this game, first and afaik only game that really allowed hundreds of players realistic simultaneous combat, with real simulation-based results (ie not hit points, not a teeny little map with short arcade engagement ranges).

But it desperately needs a new engine, top to bottom, and crs is in the sucky vicious spiral that because their game is badly dated, so they will likely (unless some whale has cash to blow) never have the resources to make it better.

The fact is, they built this game on a shoe string budget to start, with a religious determination of simulation above all, and considering what they were able to accomplish TWENTY YEARS AGO is astonishing. They just have never had the cash to go further.

I expect part of this is audience. Military Sims are a niche thing, ww2 is fast approaching ancient history for millennials, and strict simulation means it’s quite hard and unforgiving. I’m not sure there would ever be a large audience for that, and it’s probably shrinking.

Sadly, if they had 1% of the money that’s been dumped down the quixotic rathole of Star Citizen we could have had the game WW2OL really deserved to evolve into.


The game needs to be ported to a new engine and they do need to streamline the gunplay a lil bit more. Just make something like Planetside 2. Last time i played maybe 1 year ago. I walked for miles didnt find anyone. I was on a contested zone according to the archaic map. Not a bad concept. the engine is too old by todays gunplay.


Completely agree. Their ui is astonishingly bad, making it a test of will just to get to the game itself.

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Barring the community being nearly nonexistent and the developer leaning on unpaid work to prop up what is a commercial title, the threat of a lawsuit from Cornered Rat Software over comments on my website criticizing their inability to handle criticism was enough to put this on my “not even if they paid me” list.