Warframe studio Digital Extremes promises independent operation and no changes to game direction after Leyou buyout


2020 was the year in which MMO studios were Pac-Man’d by bigger companies because massive corporations with deep purses do that to break their quarantine boredom, I guess. One such buyout was Tencent’s purchase of Leyou Technologies, which incidentally had purchased majority shares of Warframe dev studio Digital Extremes back in 2014. It’s with that in mind that the studio put out a statement to players promising that things wouldn’t be changing for them.

In the statement, Digital Extremes assured players that they would continue to create Warframe content based solely on player feedback. “Tencent is well known for respecting the creative decisions and integrity of its studios, and for giving them the autonomy and independence to experiment, innovate and thrive,” reads the post. To that point, the statement also promises that updates like expansion to recent consoles, New War content, and the addition of a Corpus Railjack are still moving forward as initially planned.

“We will remain creatively independent, we expect no changes to Warframe or how our studio operates, and we will remain as dedicated ever to you, the community, who has been with us every step of the way since we launched Warframe,” explains the post.


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Tee Parsley

Pro Forma response. May be true, may not be true; provides no real information.


Its been a trend with bought out companies. I dont know how you can promise independant operation when you are no longer in control of things – at least not at the top. Even if the buyer promised it, if they feel it benefits their invenstment they may take initiative at some point


It seems like every company makes the same promises after a buyout. By now, this has become generic corporate-speak.