MassivelyOP’s 2020 Golden Yachties: Best MMO post that is actually just song lyrics


MassivelyOP’s not-so-serious end-of-the-year awards continue today with our pick for best MMO post that is actually just song lyrics. (If you’re wondering what the heck a Golden Yachtie is, you can get caught up with the first award.)

And the winner is…


One of my favorite things about working here is that occasionally our newsroom will burst into song, and occasionally those joke lyrics wind up in posts (and then they wind up as earworms in our heads all day). Eliot took an Epic Games Store outage caused by a free Grand Theft Auto promo and… well…

Downloading Grand Theft Auto V for free – should you?
The Epic Games Store said it’d be a thing to do.
But Epic’s servers got too many coming through.
The servers struggled, 11:00 a.m. EDT,
So many trying to get GTAO for free,
The net result is broken logins now, you see.
(Oh-a-oh-a) This free promotion!
(Oh-a-oh-a) Caused mixed emotions!
GTA killed the Epic Games Store!
GTA killed the Epic Games Store!
Download free to draw in fans.
Now even Fortnite players struggle to log on!
Good will and bandwidth are alarmingly all gone!
It was a good idea, it seems to have gone wrong.
(Oh-a-oh-a) The game’s six years old!
(Oh-a-oh-a) But it’s still well-sold!
GTA killed the Epic Games Store!
GTA killed the Epic Games Store!
On desktop and on my screen,
Epic is still trying to beat out Steam.
Download free to draw in fans –
But not with broken logins, fam.

I have a few honorable mentions! They’re not all songs, but they made my list!

Want to nominate another winner? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out our serious MMO awards while you’re at it.

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