Dauntless’ founder alpha has begun

Don’t miss our hands-on with Dauntless from E3!
We’ve been keeping an eye on Dauntless, the sci-fantasy online co-op action RPG from the former BioWare, Riot, and Blizzard devs now fronting Phoenix Labs, ever since its first reveal back in December. Today, regular gamers can leap in themselves — at least if they’ve ponied up the 40 80 bucks needed for a founder’s pack with access to the alpha. [Thanks for the clarification, jinarra!] Otherwise you’ll be waiting until the game launches later this year, at which time it’ll be free-to-play.

Following his E3 hands-on with the game, MOP’s Andrew Ross said the game was surprisingly solid and natural, impressive even, though he worried over rival Monster Hunter World.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Reht!
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I watched some streams on twitch and this game looks incredibly boring. Four people land on a floating island, only to hack up one single enemy that is a HP sponge and highly repetitive mechanics. I faintly remember this formula is not new, and there are others done it far better than this game. I don’t think a fresh paint of “blizzard aesthetics” is worth of all the hype.


I have high hopes for this game. I think there’s a solid foundation there. If they can add more monsters and maybe another weapon or two by launch, it could be in good shape. The original MH only had just under 20 (I think) monsters and has had years to work up to the dozens they have now. If Dauntless can offer a satisfying gameplay loop, then I think it can grow a similar library.

I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan and I can’t wait for MH World, but there’s room for competition.

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Alex Js.

Plenty of streamers are streaming right now… From what I’ve seen so far – it looks like “Destiny with swords”. Good, attractive art style but the gameplay is extremely simplistic (especially in current Alpha form, with very few monsters to grind), and for this kind of gameplay I think I’d rather stick to FPS games (like the upcoming “Destiny 1.5”).

Definitely not worth any pre-order $$$ for me, but I’m sure someone else might actually like it and pay for it…


If you can handle watching some of the bigger streamers, PL gave them some keys to give out.

Threevo V

Im good thanks…..

MHW is coming. Nice try though Pheonix Labs, better luck next time.


I’m interested, definitely, but not $80 worth of interested. I’m looking forward to hearing/reading more impressions.


The founders’ pack with access to the alpha is eighty dollars, down from one hundred. The other two packs, including the $40 level ‘basic’ founder, are NOT listed as having access to the alpha. Fair warning!

Dug From The Earth

Hope the alpha testers arent bound by an NDA. I really want to see actual gameplay, and not a controlled viewing at some gameshow.


https://playdauntless.com/news/guide-dauntless-founders-alpha – Obtained from the above article – Says there is no NDA for August 18th onwards. Content creators clear!


The streamers I have spoken with have said that there is no NDA for people who buy alpha access. Whether that is TRUE or not, I am uncertain, but I am relatively sure that, since it’s their livelihoods and hobbies on the line, they’re not inclined to risk it.
Disclaimer: I assume people are rational until proven otherwise.