Survive the Nights brings back classic fort-building survival

Can we make an agreement right now, you and I? That if the world ends because of a zombie uprising, maybe we can work together for mutual survival instead of succumbing to a battle royale mentality on day two of the apocalypse? There’s no reason to do the zombies’ job for them.

The undead are on the move in yet another survival sandbox, but at least Survive the Nights is more focused on teamwork and fort building than stabbing friends in the back over a can of peas: “Survive the Nights is a unique FPS survival game focusing on teamwork, fortification, creativity and strategy. Secure a structure or roam free, the choice is yours. Survive the Nights focuses on realistic survival, post zombie infestation.”

The multiplayer sandbox ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, raising eight times its original goal. Currently, the game’s 64 square kilometers of playable area is gearing up for early access on Steam, which the team considers a soft-launch of the current alpha build. Steam keys for backers should be going out today, but you can keep your eye on the Steam page for a way to get into it if you’re not one of the game’s funders.

Source: Survive the Nights. Thanks!
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15 Comments on "Survive the Nights brings back classic fort-building survival"

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Daniel Villalobos

Zombies, huh? I guess that’s what they take us all for… zombies. Sheeple.

If a video game developer can’t be bothered to make an original game, why would I bother playing it?

Jon Wax

Until someone can do wwz numbers with mp, it’s the same thing over n over

Kickstarter Donor

I hate how I am still into the whole Zombie survival thing, I would love an actual Zombie survival game that does not suck ass..

7 Days to Die is okay, but there are a few things I can’t stand with it, primarily the lack of Zombies

Castagere Shaikura

So sick of the zombie thing.


Looks like 7 Days to Die has some real competition potentially.

Bryan Correll

Dear developers of the world: If you absolutely must make a post-apocalyptic survival game, could you please, please, please. please make the antagonists something besides zombies? Make it an encroaching alien ecosystem ala War Against the Chtorr (in fact, make that as an MMO instead.) A collective of self-aware kitchen appliances. EA executives. Anything but zombies.

PS Human ‘mutants’ that act like zombies are zombies. Don’t play with the semantics.

Grave Knight

Why not robot soldiers of a super AI gone insane?

Animals mutated by a virus turning them into behemoth killing machines that think humans are tasty?

Shadow monsters from hell that creep out of the darkness?

Demonic snowmen?

I really don’t understand why every survival game relies on zombies. And then they need to add in super zombies because then they realize how limiting the walking dead really are.


Speaking for myself: I still enjoy zombies.


Me too. And the fact is that there is still plenty of room for a great zombie game. I’m also keeping an eye on Dead matter.

I’d wager that there are fewer zombie/mutant games than there are fantasy games and you don’t hear people groaning, “Not another game with wizards and elves!”

Bryan Correll

And most of those fantasy games also have zombies. Zombies are double dipping!

Patreon Donor
Schlag Sweetleaf


Kickstarter Donor
Alex Js.

Seems like hardly a day goes by without yet another lazy developer trying to find enough idiots to finance yet another “survival open world early access” abomination… ;-)


If a AAA developer wanted to get in on the survival open world sandbox thing I would probably play that too. Problem is, they’re only just now starting to realize it’s the popular thing right now.

Loyal Patron

Well this was back in 2014 when people still thought these games were ever going to be made some day.


of all the Early Access titles I bought into or Kickstarter’d, more than half have seen an actual live release. The others still have such a sick amount of content, I’ve already got my money’s worth. So the system, as widespread as it may be ( and the fact triple A studios are resorting to it now) still works.