Neverwinter offers a tour of the Fane of the Night Serpent

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Well, because Neverwinter is currently lousy with snakes, that’s why. Specifically, the Yuan-ti have a center of power by the old Royal Palace of Omu, and they guard the entrance zealously to keep out the sort of people who would stab the lot of them and take their stuff. You, being a player character, will have to stab lots of them to get in there, then commence the snake-stabbing.

Also you might be able to dismantle their power base in the area by doing so, but let’s be honest, the loot alone would serve as a motivator.

Of course, the snakes aren’t going to make it easy on you; you’ll have to fight your way to the entrance and the path to the main temple, then contend with the high priests of the snake god Dendar. It’s not going to be easy, but player will have ample reason to head in there, assuming you can get over any lingering apprehension about the sheer number of snakes.

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Deanna Williams

Obviously, the snakes wouldn’t make it simple on you; you’ll need to battle your way to the passage and the way to the principal sanctuary, at that point fight with the esteemed ministers of the snake god Dendar. Black Widow Leather Jacket

Natasha Aiken

Travelers have taken in the most difficult way possible that hazardous yuan-ti torment the remnants inside the considerable round divider that encompasses the Royal Palace of Assignment Expert Service. While looking for a passageway to the sanctuary, explorers will discover in excess of a couple of yuan-ti to back them off