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World of Warcraft floats away in its Balloon Festival

Stressed out with life? Feeling like everything is dragging you down? Then take a break from your worries and float away on a hot-air balloon!

Right now, World of Warcraft is running another one of its wacky new micro-holidays. This time it’s the Spring Balloon Festival, which only goes through tomorrow. Like most of the other micro-holidays, there’s no reward to be gained here other than a fun experience.

To participate, players must travel to one of the designated balloon launch sites on their map and board with two other players. Depending on the balloon chosen, each ride will feature a different tour guide (with commentary), route, and surprises. Don’t like your guide? You may have a chance to kick him out. One balloon even travels back in time, so beware!

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Overwatch players rack up 145.5M Uprising matches

Now that Overwatch has wrapped up its two-month Uprising campaign, how did it fare? Quite well, as probably anyone could have told you. The lore-heavy event racked up over 145.5 million matches before all was said and done, so it’s safe to assume that the studio is thinking about doing something similar in the future.

This number comes courtesy of a post-mortem infographic about Uprising. The infographic revealed that Null Sector trounced Overwatch in victories (78M to 67M), players looted over 815.5M loot boxes, and the highest score for any one game was an impressive 27,511 points.

Check it out for yourself after the break!

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Grand Theft Auto Online doubles the rewards for Heists

There’s a lot of stuff you can do in Grand Theft Auto Online, a lot of sources of money that don’t actually intersect with crime too closely. Sometimes you’ll earn money without actually shooting or running over anyone. But it’s important to occasionally get back to basics, and the latest in-game event is about doing just that. It’s all about getting back to basics and, well, robbing places. Pulling off big heists and stealing things. Isn’t that the heart of the matter?

All Heists will award double the money and RP until May 16th, giving ample reason to go out into the world and pull a few off. There are also special vehicle races available during the week if you need a break from the usual heist antics, but again, the point here should be the heists. Go on in and steal some stuff. No one will thank you, but it will be a classic moment.

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Black Desert kicks off a new Lauren family event

You’re going to have to forgive us, Black Desert fans, but we don’t know much about the Lauren family. We know that the game is kicking off a Lauren family event today, though, so we know they must be some sort of a big deal. Are these good guys? Do you like these people? Maybe you don’t know either. But you can still take their coins and use them for prize boxes, so perhaps it doesn’t actually matter in the long run.

It’s probably Grace Lauren. She would hand out random coins. We’re going with that. There, lore speculation over.

Players will receive 10 Lauren family coins every hour up to a max of 50 per day, and 30 of those coins will earn you a special Lauren family giftbox. Each giftbox contains one of several items, ranging from a small number of Memory Fragments to an Ogre Ring or a special weapon box. You’ll be able to earn a lot of these boxes during the event, too. So will you roll the dice and see what you get? Why not? It’s free stuff. Free stuff is always good.


EverQuest II’s The Menagerie launches, free level 100 boosts bestowed

If you’ve wanted to get back into EverQuest II but felt overwhelmed by how far behind the curve you’d be, it’s your lucky fortnight! Now you can be totally overwhelmed by all the max-level skills instead! With yesterday’s launch of GU103 The Menagerie, Daybreak is offering all players free boosts to level 100. And this gift isn’t just for All-access members: From now until May 23rd at 2:59 a.m. EDT, anyone with an account created before April 20th, 2017, can log in and claim a free bauble that will grant 100 levels, 320 AAs, and a set of ready-to-wear gear. Brand-new accounts can also get the bauble if they subscribe. That boost will definitely come in handy if you want to participate in the new update as well as the latest expansion!

EQII’s GU103 update offers new quests (the Kunark Ascending epilogue quest and a new heritage quest), introduces familiars (unique pets that bestow powerful buffs), and opens up the first cooperative competition zones (accessed via the multi-server battlegrounds server). Called Proving Grounds, these first limited-time experiences are Race to Completion challenges, pitting two groups against each other to see who finishes first. First up is Battle for Felwithe, running until May 16th. The second, Battle Upon the High Seas, will then go from May 16th through the 23rd.


Final Fantasy XI preps a new event for its 15th anniversary

It’s been 15 years now since Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, and the game is still receiving updates to this day. (Seriously, we’ve made hundreds of “maintenance mode” jokes by now.) So it’s probably no surprise that a new anniversary event is coming to the game starting on May 16th. We don’t know what it’s going to include just yet, but we know there will be crab shirts and fantastic prizes for players to earn celebrating a game that launched closer to the creation of the world wide web than to the present day.

Of course, if anniversary events aren’t your thing, you could instead fill your time with a bit of good old-fashioned Mog Bonanza antics. Yet another lottery is coming, and plays can start purchasing marbles on May 16th. So you’ll have plenty of chances to celebrate the game, and you’ll have a chance to gamble big and totally lose out on what you wanted. It’s really the full FFXI experience right there.


Star Trek Online talks about Season 13 combat balance, triggers console event

If you didn’t catch it, Star Trek Online’s recent Season 13 update contained more than just another fancy featured episode. The systems team used this opportunity to push out a combat pass that tackled both space and ground encounters.

So what’s the deal with the rebalance? Lead Systems Designer Jeremy Randall took to a livestream to answer the many, many questions players had about the sweeping combat changes and how they’re panning out in the game. “By and large, we think that this was a success,” he said at the beginning of the stream. “However, I think we should have attempted to communicate more about what we were doing and why were doing it earlier on.”

Console players might want to log in next week for a special Crystalline Catacysm event. By defeating the Crystalline Entity (which can be done every 20 hours), players get a pile of ore, reputation marks, and a universal kit. There’s also a special one-shard project that can be activated when the rep grind is complete that awards even more goodies.

The full Q&A session is after the break (the actual talking begins at the 10-minute mark).

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Transgender gamers face crass rejection by CS:GO tournament organizers [Updated]

This article has been updated as apparently it was all part of an elaborate, horrific, and completely unfunny fraud/hoax perpetrated on the e-sports and trans communities. Details follow at the end.

Think politics and science aren’t intertwined with gaming? Tell that to Italian e-sports gamer Sly Buehl Rigilio, whose team’s application to the ESL’s CS:GO 5on5 Female Open Summer 2017 in Munich was effectively rejected because she and her teammates couldn’t prove they were transgender.

“No males are allowed,” Munich Finest Gaming told Rigilio in a curt rejection email obtained by BuzzFeed. “Please take care fake your gender can be penalized.” Reportedly, in a follow-up exchange the organization demanded passports to prove the players are female, which ESL claims is in accordance with German law and the tournament’s rules.

“I know some of the girls in the group have yet to go through the trouble of getting their info changed on [their passports], so we are out of luck,” Rigilio told BuzzFeed.

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Log into EVE Online for 14th birthday presents and prep for tomorrow’s spring release

2003 was a fantastic year for MMORPGs, as anyone around for it can probably attest. In the span of two months that year, we got PlanetSide, Second Life, Star Wars Galaxies, and EVE Online. It’s EVE Online we’re celebrating this week, however, as the venerable sci-fi sandbox MMORPG turns 14 years old. CCP is dishing out a slew of anniversary rewards through May 23rd, so you have a bit of time (and the game is free-to-play now, you’ll recall, so it should be a snap for you to grab them) — they amount to 600 fireworks, a launcher, and the Capsule YC119 Capsuleer Day SKIN.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s spring patch is due to release the Blood Raider Shipyards, “the first step in the introduction of a new AI system in EVE Online.” The NPCs will basically behave like real people, rolling in fleets and calling targets. (You’re the target.)

“Don’t go by yourself,” CCP Antiquarian suggests helpfully regarding the new content, but really, that’s good advice for most of the game.

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The MOP Up: SMITE’s console mea culpa (May 7, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we have stories and videos from Skyforge, EVE Online, IngressWar ThunderWorld of TanksWakfuLeague of LegendsSMITEGTA OnlineElsword OnlineWurm OnlineDarkfall: Rise of AgonWorlds AdriftCounter-Strike, SEAL Online, and Warspear Online, all waiting for you after the break!

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The Stream Team: Cheers to EVE Online for 14 years

How do they celebrate a birthday in Eve Online? Massively OP’s MJ is about to find out! Her bet is on blowing things up (as opposed to things blowing out like candles). The game turns 14 years old today, so she’s heading in to join in the celebration. How many lives will this EVEaversary party cost her? Tune in live at 12:00 p.m. EDT to see.

What: EVE Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 6th, 2017

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The Stream Team: A Cinco de Mayo pajama party in LOTRO

Have you heard of that MMO Book Club? (Don’t worry, no actual books are involved!) This group is moving together to a new MMO every three months. First up: Lord of the Rings Online. As part of the experience, the community is putting on a pajama party. That’s perfect, since Massively OP’s MJ plans on showing up in pajamas! You are invited to join her for this look into the MMO Book Club. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. for some LOTRO fun. Pants optional.

What: Lord of the Rings Online
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 5th, 2017

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Pokemon Go’s first Knight Foundation event is this weekend in North Carolina

Pokemon Go really wants to get you outside and moving. That’s the gist of its new partnership with the Knight Foundation, through which Niantic hope to

“advance civic engagement in local communities around the United States through augmented reality experiences. This partnership will foster discovery, bring communities together and promote engagement within public spaces by leveraging Niantic experiences and technologies including Ingress and Pokémon GO at select community events supported by The Knight Foundation.”

The first event is actually this Sunday in Charlotte, North Carolina, in cooperation with the city government. Anyone down there and thinking of giving it a looksee?

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