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Official Site: Guild Wars 2
Studio: ArenaNet/NCsoft
Launch Date: August 28, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Cash Shop, No Sub, Paid Expansions)
Platform: PC

Get a bird’s eye view of Guild Wars 2’s new WvW map

As testing proceeds for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, PvP players will undoubtedly be interested in getting some time in with the brand-new desert borderlands map. This WvW map will replace the old borderlands maps and offer a tighter, more exciting experience.

So do you want to see it? One tester has stitched together a bird’s eye view of the entire map and posted it on Imgur. While you can’t zoom in to see specific details, there’s still a lot to be gleaned from what’s on display here, including the zone’s layout, major landmarks, and paths.

Check out what desert borderlands looks like after the break!

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Guild Wars 2 throws special Revenant weekend test

The official beta for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has yet to begin, but ArenaNet isn’t above throwing a special test into the mix to tide its fans over (and accumulate more feedback, of course).

This weekend the studio will be hosting a test for the brand-new Revenant class from Friday, July 10th, through Monday, July 13th. Anyone who has pre-purchased the expansion can roll up the new class and try his or her hand at PvE and PvP with the character. In addition, ArenaNet will be rolling out its PvP Stronghold mode during this test for more fun.

The studio listed several other features that will be tested this weekend (staff weapons! Verati legends! Mist champions!) and promised that full beta weekend events will commence shortly.

Source: Guild Wars 2. Thanks to Siphaed for the tip!


Guild Wars 2 datamining uncovers Engineer drones

It’s been a little while since Guild Wars 2 revealed another of the elite specializations coming to the game with Heart of Thorns, and players with as-yet unrevealed elite specializations are getting understandably anxious. The good news on that front is that Engineer players have a bit more to speculate about now. Datamining has uncovered several new drone designs for the Engineer, which raises all sorts of interesting questions about what the elite specialization will be able to do with those drones.

The models have several separate pieces and there are a number of different icons, sparking plenty of speculation about whether drones will be closer to full-on pets or something else altogether. Players won’t find any hard answers in the datamining thread on Reddit, but at least there’s reason to start debating and speculating, which might be just the thing for you.

The images are embedded below.

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That guy who redesigned Guild Wars 2’s UI is now tackling WoW’s website

Remember back in January when an ArenaNet forum user named Amax redesigned the UI for Guild Wars 2? As it turns out, Amax is Gradinar Razvan, who has recently redesigned the website for World of Warcraft as part of a job application.

Razvan says that his earlier GW2 work led to some freelance design jobs, and he has updated the project to include his process and some video footage.

Source: Behance


World of Tanks, SWTOR rocketed up the Raptr chart in May

Raptr’s most-played games list is out for this past May, and it looks that both World of Tanks and Star Wars: The Old Republic did quite well for themselves during the month, at least among those who used this service.

In the realm of MMOs, SWTOR jumped up four spots from the month previous to land at #14. Final Fantasy XIV remained steady at #13, although World of Warcraft slipped three spots (#5) and Guild Wars 2 is down four (#19). ArcheAge dropped off the top 20 as well.

For MOBAs and lobby titles, League of Legends is still #1, followed by DOTA 2 (#3), SMITE (#8), Diablo III (#9), Hearthstone (#10), Heroes of the Storm (#12), Warframe (#15), and War Thunder (#16). World of Tanks made significant progress in May, shooting up five slots to #6.

Source: Raptr blog


Guild Wars 2 reveals Stronghold PvP Mist Champions, admits SAB is on hold

ArenaNet has just announced Mist Champions for Guild Wars 2’s incoming Heart of Thorns Stronghold PvP mode. In a new dev blog released today, Branden Gee and Hugh Norfolk explain that the Mist Champions replace heroes in the Stronghold mode and act as “superweapons” during the fight. So far, there are three such characters, each plucked from lore and each with special skills: Turai Ossa, Grymm Svaard, and Nika.

The studio has also revealed that players will be allowed to toggle their game-mode preferences and choose whether they’d like to play Stronghold, Conquest, or both.

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Massively Opinionated: What’s the next big MMO buzzword?

In this episode of Massively Opinionated, the topic is public relations and communication. Sometimes marketing and consumer relationships in MMOs don’t always go the way game creators plan. So this week, we debate the ways MMOs should and shouldn’t handle their customers. Host Larry Everett invited two individuals who are very familiar with the inner workings of the games industry: From here at Massively OP and Predestination, welcome Brendan Drain and Tina Lauro. Enjoy the show!

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Exploring Guild Wars 2’s new Lion’s Arch

Good morn-noon-ning (hell, I don’t know what timezone you’re in!) readers, and welcome along to another instalment of Flameseeker Chronicles! Be warned: This edition will focus on both the destruction of the old city and the rebirth of Lion’s Arch, so it will contain potential spoilers. I’d urge you to check out the city’s sights for yourself before proceeding.

I’ve been having a great time in Guild Wars 2 this week while I’ve been exploring the nooks and crannies of New Lion’s Arch. Rebuilding such an important commerce and cultural centre is no easy feat, so we’ve been waiting for quite a while to see the latest imagining of the city at the heart of Tyria. The wait is finally over, and I can’t wait to hear your opinions on the massive rebuild. I’ll give you my two cents alongside the rationale behind the city’s design and some context for those of you who need a refresher or who are jumping into Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Read more

The Daily Grind: Are levels in MMOs overrated?

Today’s Daily Grind question comes from an anonymous Kickstarter donor who wanted to see just how many cans of worms he/she could open in three words:

Are levels overrated?

I’m a sandbox fan who favors skill systems, so naturally I’m not the world’s biggest fan of leveling systems in MMOs, but I’ll admit that even skill systems are usually numerical, with lots of little levels instead of one big level. No, the problem isn’t numerical levels by themselves.

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Guild Wars 2 invites players to design emblems for guild halls

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ upcoming guild halls will undoubtedly serve as a focal point for community interaction and shared efforts. Before they arrive in the game, however, ArenaNet wants to offer a way for players to put their personal stamp on these zones by creating emblems for the halls.

Therefore, the studio is running a guild emblem design contest from now through August 1st. Players are encouraged to whip up interesting artistic designs and submit them in the hopes of having their emblems chosen as the best. The five winning designs will not only be incorporated into the game as housing design options but be gifted along with various prizes as well.

You can read more about it on the official contest page.

Source: Guild Wars 2


One Shots: Gazing at potential

Major props to reader John, who somehow managed to finagle screenshots from his PlayStation 4 to bring us this stunning Destiny vista. Back when I was a kid, we had a foolproof method to capture console screenshots. It was called “stand in front of the TV with a Polaroid camera.” That’s how I got my Activision badges.

“Here’s my character standing in The Reef, the area that is involved in the second DLC, House of Wolves,” John said. “I enjoy Destiny for what it is. For me, what is most disappointing is that there is so much potential in the IP/lore that is just going to waste.”

At least the visuals aren’t going to pot! Speaking of, we’ve got an array of arresting aspects for you to assess after the aperture.

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The Daily Grind: What’s the ideal MMO endgame?

Happy Friday! Today’s Daily Grind question was penned by Kickstarter donor Iain Leishman, and it’s exactly the kind of juicy question that makes me want to kick back and chat all day in the comments, getting no work done at all. Darnit. Here it is:

Does an MMO need an endgame, or should Guild Wars 2‘s style of “endgame” be imitated, regardless of character level, making all content relevant?

I think that, as a game design concept, endgame is the worst thing that ever happened to MMOs. But there are plenty of systems and activities floating around in the traditional endgames of start-middle-end MMOs that I do like and would love to see yanked out and just treated as, you know, normal endless-midgame content. And it’s one of the things Guild Wars 2, among other titles, does extremely well: It keeps players of all levels and time commitments playing together, it trades tedious level grinding requirements for more optional grinds, and it — at least so far — doesn’t undermine too much evergreen content in the early game.

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