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TERA M brings some (but not all) of your classes and races to mobile

In case it slipped your attention when we reported on it last month, TERA is indeed receiving a full-fledged mobile spin-off. The game, called TERA M, is a prologue of sorts to the current action MMO and is being developed by Netmarble.

More details are emerging from Korea about what players can expect to find when they pick up TERA M, such as the choice of characters. The studio revealed the class and race lineup, with each race in the mobile game sporting a single, set class. And yes, everyone’s favorite childlike Elin are back, if you were wondering.

The roster includes: Elin Priest, Human Female Brawler, Baraka Lancer, High Elf Archer, Human Male Slayer, and the Popori Alchemist. The latter is apparently a brand-new class created just for the mobile game.

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Crunch mode caused a young Netmarble game developer’s death, Korean government says

South Korean MMO studio Netmarble is being criticized this week for contributing to the death of an overworked game developer in 2016.

The Korea Times is reporting that the government agency Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service has acknowledged that the Netmarble employee “died from a work-related cause” when he passed away from coronary arteriosclerosis (heart disease).

“The employee had been subject to irregular night-time work and excess duty in the 12 weeks before he developed the symptoms and it has been confirmed that the employee had worked 89 hours a week in seven weeks prior to developing symptoms,” the government documents state. “Considering the worker was in his 20s and that his health checkup did not show any underlying symptoms, the correlation between the worker’s death and work is recognized.”

The game developer’s family’s filing for compensation has consequently been approved. According to the paper, there were two other deaths the same year. As MMO Culture reports, Netmarble now forbids excessive overtime work in its substudios.


Mobile MMOs: Pokemon Go’s curfew, Logres’ launch, and spinoffs for Aion and TERA

By chance, we had a bunch of easily combinable mobile MMO news stories waiting to be written this morning, so let’s get to them — here in the comfort of our MMOs you’ve never heard of series!

We’ll begin, however, with a mobile MMOARG you’ve definitely heard of: Pokemon Go. Players of the game that cannot be killed are going ballistic over what appears to be a curfew on raid battles, which seems to limit raids to daylight hours. East coast players are particularly annoyed because the stealth-curfew meant they lost of a day of play — and a large chunk of the small sliver of time a particular legendary, Moltres, is available for capture.

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E3 2017: Hands-on with mobile MMOs Lineage 2 Revolution and Durango

With Pokemon Go trying to avoid explicitly calling itself an MMO, Massively OP once again has room for a top contender in the realm of mobile MMOs. There’s just one problem: We’ve got mostly Western readers for a genre that seems to appeal much more to the East. I was given the opportunity to see top global mobile MMO Lineage 2 Revolution and up and coming dino-sandbox Durango at E3 2017. I can see the appeal of both games, but also some limitations. Let’s dig into both.

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Lineage 2 Revolution has soft launched on Google Play and iTunes

The Netmarble take on NCsoft’s Lineage franchise, Lineage 2 Revolution, has soft launched as a global version in multiple English-speaking markets and app stores this week as planned. The Unreal 4 game has already become a blockbuster overseas, having landed in the top 10 ten mobile games in SuperData’s revenue charts for the last several months and helping to propel Netmarble’s record setting $12B IPO bid this spring.

The game boasts high-ish end graphics for mobile devices and stock MMORPG mechanics usually reserved for PC and console games, including questing, raiding, and PvPing in an open-world setting. Anybody smacked this on a phone yet to try it out?

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Lineage II: Revolution is arriving in June

If you’ve forgotten about Lineage II: Revolution, the short version is that it’s like Lineage II, only it’s on mobile. (There is more to it than that, but we said the short version.) It’s a mobile MMO powered by Unreal 4 and available on your tablet, phone, or smartwatch. (You should not play it on a watch, though. You might be able to do so, but you shouldn’t.) And it’s coming out in June, in some capacity.

Why “some capacity?” Well, it’s not clear if the new site is indicating that the title will launch in June or just start beta testing in June. Both are possible. But the important thing is that when June rolls around, it’s got a date with some mobile devices. You can check out the full site if you want to see a little bit more about what the mobile experience promises players.


Netmarble raises $2.3B in IPO while Uncharted Waters Online goes steampunk

The top publisher of online games in South Korea now boasts the second-largest initial public offering in the country’s history.

Netmarble, a Tencent subsidiary, raised an amazing $2.3 billion through its IPO this spring. The sale reached over 17 million shares at $138 apiece, helping the publisher reach a total company value of $11.8 billion. Demand was high for the IPO, which benefited greatly from Netmarble’s release of Lineage II: Revolution in Korea.

One of Netmarble’s previous properties is currently sailing into the Industrial Revolution. Uncharted Waters Online announced that is embracing steampunk and advanced firearms with its Age of Revolution: Chapter 1 update. Steam engines, gatling guns, and flamethrowers are all part of the jump to a new level of technology, and OGPlanet is offering a free beginner’s box to anyone who registers on the website with the code “xanrJdmh” (no quotation marks).


South Korea’s Netmarble to launch ambitious IPO

South Korean Tencent affiliate Netmarble announced today that it will launch an initial public offering to the tune of $2.35 billion US. That works out to approximately 17 million newly issued shares.

As explains, Netmarble is hoping to pay off debts and increase its holdings, building “towards a state goal of being in the top five global gaming companies by 2020.”

Reuters calls the IPO the second-largest for the country, sandwiched between two Samsung IPOs.

In the west, the company is probably best known for games like Lineage 2: Revolution, Prius, and Uncharted Waters; its recent partnership with Disney came with a license for Marvel and Star Wars titles as well.

Source: Reuters via


Lineage II: Revolution arrives on December 14

Mobile gamers look like they will be getting an early Christmas present from Netmarble, as Lineage II: Revolution’s launch has finally been dated for December 14th.

Lineage II: Revolution is using the Unreal Engine 4 to create PC-like graphics for mobile devices, and will be releasing simultaneously on iOS and Android. The MMO has four races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Dark Elf) and a strong PvP system, as befits a Lineage game.

The mobile spin-off of the Lineage series has seen multiple delays, which have been cause for some concern. Developer Netmarble canceled the planned beta tests back in October and pushed the game from its November launch window. Plus, there is that whole awkward scene with NCsoft suing Netmarble over a different game entirely while the two studios collaborate on Revolution.

Source: Steparu


NCsoft sues Lineage II partner over copyright infringement

Well this will make for awkward encounters in the corporate hallways.

Apparently NCsoft is levying a lawsuit against its own business partner, Netmarble, for infringing on the Lineage II IP with the latter’s new mobile game, Aden. NCsoft claims that Netmarble was inserting Lineage II elements, such as names and phrases, into Aden without any permission. Netmarble’s defense? It’s a mobile game and not in direct competition with a PC MMO, so chill out.

This is quite uncomfortable as the two studios have been collaborating on Lineage II: Revolution, which is supposed to launch this month. You can check out Aden’s trailer after the jump and let us know what you think of the two games’ similarities (or lack thereof).

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Lineage II: Revolution cancels beta tests, launch window in question

With all of the current, upcoming, and spin-off Lineage titles out there, you might need a flow chart to keep them all straight in your mind. One of these spin-offs, Lineage II: Revolution, is nearing its big day, as developer Netmarble is planning to launch the game in November.

What’s strange is that Netmarble has canceled planned closed and open beta tests for the mobile MMO that were supposed to take place this month. Steparu posits that Revolution’s release might conflict with the highly anticipated Lineage Eternal closed beta test in November and require more shuffling of dates.

Lineage II: Revolution has been in the making for over a year and a half and should come out for both Android and iOS devices. Its Unreal Engine 4 visuals are certainly the highlight of the game’s reputation so far, but we’ll have to see how it fares when it gets into the hands of gamers.

Source: Steparu


Get your first look at Lineage II: Revolution

Looking for a powerhouse MMO to fit into your smartphone or tablet? One such contender deserves your attention, thanks to the legacy from which it draws.

Lineage II: Revolution is a planned spin-off from NCsoft’s popular series that’s being farmed out to Netmarble. We’ve known for a year now that such a game was in the works, although it was shrouded in secrecy under the code name of Project S. Revolution looks drop-dead gorgeous, using Unreal Engine 4 to create a game that looks like it should be on a PC.

You can get your first look at the game from a few overseas convention videos that are lurking after the break. The teaser page is up now too!

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The MOP Up: PlanetSide 2 gets a promotion (February 21, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This past week PlanetSide 2 got a level cap increase, League of Legends posted its world championship schedule, Albion Online got us to bone up on its world history, and more!

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