Mad World pads the time before its 2023 launch with loads of videos and armor previews


What is happening over at Mad World developer Jandisoft? It’s hard to tell, as the things coming out of the studio appear to be nothing more than armor previews, a slightly confusing address from the game’s director (probably thanks to bad machine translation), and a whole bunch of videos. Seriously, guys, so many videos.

Through the tail end of December and into the new year, the devs offered up three different previews of the various kinds of armor players will get to wear. The game’s site also shared a message of gratitude from the director, which asks players to “please wait for us for a long time, and we will prepare something that you won’t regret” and hopes that they “overcome all difficulties such as hopping rabbits and have only fun and happy things.”

A lot of activity has otherwise been coming out of Mad World’s YouTube channel, offering up several audiobooks, some soundtrack previews, looks at various boss monsters, and overviews of the game’s zones and landscapes. Some of these more recent videos are awaiting below the break.

As readers might remember, Jandisoft effectively said development on Mad World is complete but pushed back its launch into this year regardless. The studio also announced that its earlier publishing deal with Netmarble has fallen through, leaving Jandisoft to self-publish the ARPG.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), YouTube
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