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E3 2018: Fallout 76 confirms private servers, mod support, and no living NPCs

As players continue to try to wrap their heads around Bethesda’s vision for Fallout 76 (and fear a gaming apocalypse in which their previous single-player game is “ruined” by MMO elements), the studio is doling out more details about this “always online” survival sandbox.

So here’s a few new things you should know. First up, yes, there will be private servers for the game in case that you would like to create a pocket universe just for you and your friends. Next? Hunger and thirst meters, which are standard survival game staples, will be part of Fallout 76. And just in case you were confused about this point, the studio specified that there will be no NPCs other than robots and recordings.

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Classic MMO The Realm gets an official reboot

One of the very oldest graphical MMORPGs in the world has been on life support for a long time now. The Realm (also known as The Realm Online) began its run back in 1996 as a 2-D title that was published by Sierra On-Line. Since then, the game’s ownership has traded hands, but the title has endured. Unfortunately, the website and client have not received updates in years, and the entire game gives off the appearance of having fallen into disrepair.

It looks like The Realm’s fates are about to change, however. Owners Norseman Games have given “exclusive license and rights” to a private server team so that it can take over the MMO and bring it up to spec. This means that The Realm will be rebooted on June 1st with a new client, new server, more content, and become available for more platforms. Current server data, including player characters, will be ported over to the new version when it goes live.

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Perpetuum to shut down official servers next week

Time is running short for robotic MMO Perpetuum Online — but plans are moving forward to keep the game alive with a couple of jury-rigged solutions.

Last September we reported that due to low population numbers and income, Perpetuum Online was ending active development while the team worked on a community-run standalone server solution. Now, it looks like it’s the end of the line for the official server, as the studio announced today that it has to take the hardware offline on January 25th due to the ongoing costs.

Fortunately, one of the team members is committed to keeping Perpetuum’s database and its contents alive on a semi-official private server for the time being: “This won’t be the same as the current official server in terms of speed and availability and it’s strictly a ‘no promises made’ gig, but it’s something.”

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Play dinos with us! The ‘MoPark’ ARK: Survival Evolved server has relaunched

Massively Overpowered is all about gamers who love games talking about games. And sometimes, we even get to play games together! This post heralds one such time, as Massively OP’s MJ is hosting an unofficial private ARK: Survival Evolved server and is once again inviting our community to join in the dinosaur fun.

But wait, you might be thinking, didn’t MJ already have an ARK server? You’re right! The old MoPark server was wiped on Saturday and has now relaunched, meaning that no more wipes are planned. However, players should keep in mind that the game itself remains in Early Access alpha, so bugs and issues on individual servers like this one could still occur.

To learn more about the settings and other server information, check out the official MOPark Steam group. To join the server, just add the IP – to your Steam favorite folder and then search favorites when you log in. Happy hunting, and see you there!


Leaderboard: Would you play Space Engineers on a MOP private server?

I love me some Space Engineers, even more so now that Keen Software House has added huge, destructible planets to its space sandbox. I’ve mostly been playing alone, though, and I’m toying with the idea of setting up a dedicated Space Engineers server for the MOP community, much like our ARK: Survival Evolved shard that’s been running for the past few months.

I can’t make any promises right now in terms of a time frame, since that pesky thing called life is constantly getting in the way of my hobbies. But I can at least gauge your interest, right? So, how about it, MOP readers? Would you play on a MOP Space Engineers server? Vote after the cut!

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The Daily Grind: Do you play on private servers for dead MMOs?

Massively OP Kickstarter donor Igor aka Slaith proposes we debate private servers for dead MMOs for today’s Daily Grind — specifically, he mentions Warhammer Online.

This is always a difficult topic on website such as ours. Many of our writers and readers feel very strongly about sunsetted MMORPGs and don’t feel any moral pangs when playing and writing about them aside from the worry that any publicity we generate for them might do more harm than good. While emulators for living games are usually clearly illegal and frequently contested by the studios whose work is being stolen (notable exceptions notwithstanding), sunsetted games pose more ambiguity. A number of studios tacitly allow emus, admitting they’re aware of them but putting up no fuss. Some even chip in and give the go-ahead.

How about you? Do you play on private servers for dead MMOs?

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