The first Destiny 2 raid is already down

The first Destiny 2 raid is out in the wild, ready to challenge and delight players for some time, setting a new bar for difficulty while players – oh, wait, it’s already over? Well, never mind. Yes, the new Leviathan raid has already been beaten by a team from The Legend Himself, a clan on PlayStation 4 with some notable accomplishments under their belt already. It took about five and a half hours from its release.

In fairness, five and a half hours is about what it took for several prior encounters to be cleared in the original Destiny, so the speed of people pushing for first completion hasn’t changed all that much. You can check out a clip from the end and the official tweet celebrating the clear just below, but be warned that there are some spoilers included. (Seeing as it’s the end of the Leviathan raid, you probably expected that.)

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Guild Wars 2 raids won’t be getting more difficulty options in Path of Fire ‘at this time’

There are new forums for Guild Wars 2, which means that one of the first development posts can be another reminder that the developers at ArenaNet don’t want to make raids accessible. Indeed, a new post on the new forums states pretty firmly that there are no plans to make alternative difficulties. Anet’s Crystal Reid suggests that raids are intended to be about “skill.”

“We won’t be adding a different difficulty tier at this time. Raids need to continue to remain the most challenging content in the game, and they aren’t designed to be accessible by everyone from a skill perspective. Could they be more accessible from a ‘finding 9 other players to play with’ side? Sure. That isn’t always an easy problem to solve, and any solution would detract away from the team making more raid content. We’d love to get more content out to you guys faster really.”

The post goes on to address difficulty in the most recent wing, stating that the Mursaat Overseer difficulty is a bit too easy compared to what was planned and the team wants to bring out more raid content more quickly. So that’s good news for everyone who enjoys the raid difficulty and wants to be faced with more punishing mechanics and nerd-herding, and bad news for… well, anyone who really just wants to happily experience the game’s story and has no interest in raiding now or ever regardless of the supposed skill it requires. So not much will change, then.


Datamining generates World of Warcraft expansion rumors

Players have datamined a bit out of World of Warcraft’s most recent test realm patch that hints at the destination of the next expansion, with what appear to be pieces of leveling gear and even some voice lines. These could, of course, be red herrings, but there’s also the possibility that we’ll be heading off to the long-rumored south seas and confronting the Old Gods at long last; considering the thrust of Legion, it would make a certain amount of sense.

In other WoW news, if you weren’t around during the time of the Black Temple raid – and probably even if you were – you missed out on a set of encounters that many raiders cite as some of the most memorable in the game’s long history. The dungeon is coming back as part of the next Timewalking event, and a new article on the official site walks through the process of initially making the Black Temple as well as how it got updated for players to explore once again.

Source: Official Site via Icy Veins, Wowhead; thanks to Josh for the tip!


World of Warcraft previews the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras opening

The entirety of World of Warcraft: Legion has been building up to a fight inside of the Tomb of Sargeras. It’s the nexus of the eponymous Legion invasion, and it’s the obvious destination for Azeroth’s defenders to make a final stand against their enemies. The good news is you’ll get your chance to fight through it on June 20th, assuming you’ve got a Normal raid group or higher ready to go. Normal and Heroic difficulties are opening on the 20th, with Mythic and one wing of Raid Finder difficulties opening a week later. If you’re going to do the whole thing through LFR, you’ll have to wait until August 8th for the full opening.

So what will you be doing until then? Well, perhaps you’ll be handling the death of Chromie. Everyone’s favorite bronze dragon is going to die, you see, but the nice part about being able to travel back and forth through time is that you can always do something about what will be happening. Since Chromie has somehow seen her death coming in the wrong manner (she knows how she’s supposed to die, after all), players will have to travel back and forth through time to save her life. For now, anyhow; when you can see the future, you’re not under many illusions about your immortality.


World of Warcraft previews the Nighthold raid

The elves of Suramar hold a font of great power, and under Grand Magistrix Elisande they have thrown their lot in with the Burning Legion. Anyone who has stepped into Suramar in World of Warcraft knows that the zone has gone from being a band of Suramar refugees desperately seeking survival to being the site of an all-out civil war, with the Grand Magistrix and Gul’dan at the heart of the Legion’s machinations for the city. When the Nighthold opens, it’s time for players to take on the Nightborne and Felborne who serve the Legion and smash an orcish warlock in the face.

Aside from Gul’dan and the Grand Magistrix (who has power over time, if you recall), players will face an assortment of beasts and creatures, along with notable foes like the demon Krosus from the Broken Shore and the dreadlord Tichondrius. Normal and Heroic modes for the raid will open on January 17th, with the first Raid Finder Wing opening a week later on January 24th, followed by the subsequent three wings once per week. Get ready to take the fight to the heart of the capital.


Blade & Soul’s Midnight Skypetal Plains arrives November 16

There have been no shortage of big updates for Blade & Soul, and the newest update is delivering a big update for big groups. The Midnight Skypetal Plains are arriving on November 16th and serve as the game’s first dose of 24-person content, asking for a large group to gather together and take on an array of strange creatures invading the bridge between the spirit realm and the earth realm. This includes the rather nasty and long-thought-extinct dragon turtle Sacred Longgui, who will no doubt provide something of an obstacle for your investigation.

The good news is that you don’t need to just live with the satisfaction of a job well done when you clear the area out; players can unlock new Legendary Soul Shields by taking on the region’s bosses, as well as a new costume. No word on whether or not anything else is coming along with the update, but it’s quite possible that big content is enough on its own. If you’ve long been awaiting the chance to really get a huge group going, your time is almost here.

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World of Warcraft: Legion opens up more Emerald Nightmare options today

Do you want to be the very best, like no one was before? Then you’ll probably want to take on the Mythic difficulty in World of Warcraft: Legion‘s Emerald Nightmare when it opens… today. Yes, that’s today, and your group had better be ready and waiting. On the other hand, if you would rather stick a fork in your arm and hook it up to live current rather than go through a scheduled raid night again, you’ll be able to jump into the raid finder version of the first wing as of today.

The game has also dropped a small hotfix patch to address certain balance issues, which include rolling back a fair amount of damage drops for Demon Hunters. The developers are also looking into ways to make Shadow Priests alter their current reliance upon Surrender to Madness, which means minor tweaks with the understanding that the power-up-then-die talent will be more seriously changed in the future.


Asta’s next update includes a new battleground, more difficult raids, and a new world boss

The next big update for Asta isn’t here yet; you’ll need to wait until July 19th to take on the new content. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it includes a new world boss wandering about, so if you have a deep and abiding need to fight large things roaming through the world, you will be very happy. If you prefer to keep your large things confined to smaller spaces, that’s fine too; the Mountain of Trials raids will be getting Very Hard modes, which are meant to be exactly what the name suggests.

But maybe you’d prefer to face off against other players by demonstrating your superior knowledge of tactics. That’s included, too, as the game is adding in the new Dreamworld battleground. Players will alternate between attacking a fortified location and defending that same location, forcing changing tactics and plans to deal with siege weaponry. The whole update goes live on July 19th, so ready yourself before then.


Guild Chat: Starting a raiding guild in Guild Wars 2

Welcome along to Guild Chat, the place where we gather to discuss a reader submission on whatever guild-related topic is giving him or her cause for concern in order to help them through. This time, we’re going to help reader John get to grips with starting up a raiding guild in Guild Wars 2, a game in which raiding is relatively new and guilds are fairly fluid and casual. John’s issue is further complicated by the fact that most of his core guild group haven’t tackled many of the raid bosses, so guild management will be difficult to establish. Join me below for both John’s full submission and my thoughts on the issue, and don’t forget to add your own advice in the comments below.

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Guild Chat: Can MMO progression-seeking become ‘bullying’?

Pull up a chair, help yourself to a leftover mince pie, and make yourself comfortable for another edition of Guild Chat, the place in which we gather together to test our brains with some reader’s guild issues. No matter the problem, we’re sure to come up with some solid advice between us. We’ll get straight to it: This time around, I received an email from someone who only identified themselves by the pseudonym Amatherand lest his or her guildmates recognise the submission. Amatherand needs our opinion on what constitutes a high drive for further in-game progression and what warning signs there might be for such progression-seeking behaviour pushing into bullying territory. Check out Amatherand’s full submission below or scroll on down for my advice. Don’t forget to add your two cents to the comments!

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ArenaNet’s Steven Waller discusses Guild Wars 2’s raiding foundation

Following my playtest of Guild Wars 2’s raiding, which I chronicled earlier today, I had the opportunity to fire some quick questions across to Guild Wars 2 Associate Game Director Steven Waller, and I think it helps explain the inspiration and reasoning behind the new endgame content direction that’s come along with Heart of Thorns. Read on!

Massively Overpowered: Tell me a little about the inspiration for that first raid tier, whether or not you looked at other raids to get a sense of what you desired, and whether you looked at community feedback to solidify your concept.

Steven Waller: What we normally start with is something that could fanatically connect to our game’s lore so that it feels like you’re more connected overall with the Guild Wars 2 universe. In terms of the individual encounters, basically we have a lot of people who play a lot of other games and raid in other games and things like that.

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Hands-on with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns’ first raid

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, raiders of all professions: I’m delighted to finally be able to spill the beans about all things raiding after playtesting another raid boss last week in preparation for the raid launch today! If you know me at all, you’ll be aware of how difficult it must have been for me to hold my tongue about my experience, especially since I adore raiding in general and am hoping that the Guild Wars 2 offerings will be no different.

I had already tested my toons against the first raid boss during the beta weekend, so I was happy to see a different boss encounter this time around. Read on to find out more about my experience with the second raid boss, see a little bit of teaser footage, and stay tuned for my follow-up interview with Associate Game Director Steven Waller later this afternoon. If you’re worried about spoilers regarding the bosses included in the raid’s first wing, please leave this one out until you’ve seen it all for yourself.

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Age of Conan kicks off a new Halloween event and a new raid

The spookiest of all possible holidays is almost here, and Age of Conan is getting in on the action with an all-new Halloween event. It’s not all fun and games, either; the city of Tarantia is besieged by a plague turning its residents into shambling monstrosities, and players will have to explore beneath the city to root out the cause. The rewards? Experience-boosting candy and new social outfits. So it’s somewhat fun and games, then.

Not a fan? Well, the old Halloween events are also available, or you could go with the brand-new raid, the Palace of Cetriss. Members can take on the raid for free; it requires 24 people to challenge and awards victorious players Tier 6 armor and weapons. So whether you want to enjoy some low-key holiday fun or take on a brand-new raid, the game’s got new stuff for you to enjoy.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Boom for the tip!


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