Bless Online previews its upcoming Patala raid and Halloween events


The folks at Neowiz have posted a preview of what players can expect from next week’s Bless Online content update, giving them an advance look at the upcoming Patala raid as well as the game’s Halloween events. The Patala raid is the latest piece of endgame content to be added to the game, requiring a group of 10 players who are level 45 and have a minimum gear score of 8913. Six deadly bosses await raid groups brave enough to venture into the ruins, but those who emerge victorious will be handsomely rewarded. The loot on offer in the new raid includes the new Storm weapon series, legendary level-45 weapons, the Animosity armor series, as well as numerous high-level enhancement and crafting materials.

And of course, it wouldn’t be October in an MMO without a handful of Halloween-themed events, and Bless is set to deliver. In addition to the game’s usual monthly login event, which will reward players who log in daily with sapphires, rose stones, beryl, and a variety of other useful items, Bless will also be holding two Halloween events: the Jack-O’-Lantern event and the Witch Raven event. Completing these new event questlines will reward players with cosmetics and other bits of Halloween livery. For the full details on the upcoming raid and events, head on over to the official post on the game’s site.

Source: Steam

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Toy Clown

I am half-tempted to try it out just for the Halloween content.


Yeah this game is as good as dead at this point. I logged in last week, and it was an absolutely deserted island. There were no players anywhere around me, nor in most major cities. Chat was silent other than a few gold spammers. Steam charts shows sub-1000 player peaks.

I really wanted to like this game, but for me personally the performance issues is what killed it.

Cavalier Remix
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Cavalier Remix

At this rate, they’ll be hard-pressed to even find 10 players to populate the new raid. According to Steam Charts, this title now averages just ~500 players total, split between 4 servers (2 each NA and EU), then further split into the 2 factions.

For the math-disinclined, if it’s an even distribution, that’s only about 60 other players in your faction on your server during an average playtime. That feels like an awfully unsustainable environment to be introducing large-group content into, even if it is just content that’s already been around elsewhere for years.


Wow. I knew it was widely regarded as terrible, but that’s some impressive population decline for a game that’s been out for just 4 months. Can’t imagine it will last much longer.


They’re losing about 100 players per week. So far they have like 500 players, so by the end of October is will be worse than tragic. I regularly check the charts and discussions for a cheap laugh. I’m curious if they will ever go F2P or drag it down to 0 population while still expecting people to pay $30 for a game they can’t even play.