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Launch Date: July 2014
Genre: Martial Arts Fantasy Themepark
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Platform: PC

Tree of Savior hands out second anniversary gifts, previews new classes

It’s been two years since Tree of Savior leaped onto the Steam scene, and the crew is celebrating with a nine-week event that is running through May 29th. This event includes a free DLC present that will trigger a special quest and new costumes. There are additional rewards that can be earned simply by logging into the game and checking a special list on a regular basis.

If in-game events aren’t enough to get your excited, Tree of Savior recently previewed a pair of new classes that are on their way to the game. The Onmyoji Master is joining the Wizard tree, while the Retiarii is coming to the Swordsman branch.

You can check out an early look at these classes in action after the break!

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Perfect World Entertainment sprinkles holiday events across its library

With so many Christmas events popping up this month, there’s no time nor space to spread them out. Perfect World Entertainment seems to think so, too, because it sent out a press blast with a list of what’s going on in all of its MMORPGs. Let’s run down all six live games:

Neverwinter: The Winter Festival of Simril is running from December 14th through January 4th, with free Starlight vouchers, sled racing, ice fishing, bonuses, and the possibility of earning sled mounts.

Star Trek Online: Q’s Winter Wonderland is back through January 18th, giving players plenty of time to compete in crazy activities to earn a free T6 starship and Wesley Crusher’s ski outfit (seriously).

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PAX West 2017: Playing Kritika Online’s upcoming Psion class in Shattered Table

En Masse recently introduced the newest class coming to Kritika Online, and while visiting the studio’s offices during PAX West 2017, I was able to dive in and play it. This Psion class — a combination of swordsman and mage —  generates psychic swords to slice, dice, and generally Ginsu her enemies to pieces. One skill even allows her to throw her blades, which combined with her guns (bound to right click) gives her good ranged options during battle. As I am not the biggest fan of in-your-face combat, I appreciated having options to move me outside of melee range and keep attacking.

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PAX West 2017: Taking a closer look at En Masse’s Closers

When I visited the En Masse offices during PAX West, it was a crash course in learning how to use a controller — which I haven’t picked up in years — as I was introduced to Closers, an episodic anime online RPG. The game has five different characters players can choose from from the Black Lambs, each with its own personality and dialogue with all the NPCs. For my hands-on, I played Seha (a melee swordsman), but there is also Sylvi, Yuri, Misteltein, and J.

Devs noted that the story of Closers is very important; the game itself is story-driven. The characters are all teens with psychic abilities brought together as a team to fight back the interdimensional monsters that are pouring into New Seoul (Old Seoul was devastated during the last invasion) through portals.

These portals, of course, need closing.

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PWE posts summer event schedule for Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Champions Online

“Sun’s out, guns out,” a PWE press blast quipped today — all because the MMO studio is kicking off a ton of summer events across its range of games, including some of the more relatively obscure ones.

In Neverwinter, for example, the titular city will be festooned in glitter for the 4th anniversary Protector’s Jubilee. Jubilee unicorns were mentioned. That’s June 20-27, while July will see the summer festival with feasts, contests, and snail mounts.

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One Shots: Healin’ skellies in Shards Online

When the NDA is away, the cats will play — and take screenshots! Bless our dear community for documenting upcoming MMOs as they venture into these virgin territories.

ZulikaMiNam had some fun in one game that I haven’t seen much from readers yet: “Since there are no NDA restrictions imposed for this alpha weekend kickoff over at Shards Online I will post some pics from there. I accidentally healed a skeleton while trying to heal myself. So my name turns grey and anyone can kill me now. Time to lay low for a bit.”

Are you still laying low? You can… probably come out now. That skeleton owes you a life debt for that heroic action.

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Here’s the schedule for all of PWE’s Christmas events

Perfect World wasted no time in pulling the trigger on its crop of winter holiday events now that December is here. The MMORPG publisher sent out its list of all of the events, both current and upcoming, for its library of titles.

It’s important to note that while some of the events run for an entire month, others are only here for a couple of short weeks. If you’re the type of player who hops between games during the holidays to take advantage of the many rewards available, you’ll want to use this schedule to help you plan your attack.

Check out the full rundown after the jump!

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PWE is running big sales for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Livelock, and more

For those of you folks who you somehow have money still burning a whole in your pocket at noon on Black Friday, here comes one last big sale announcement: Perfect World is putting tons of its MMORPGs and in-game stuff on sale. “We’re celebrating the holidays by offering our community discounts on Zen and a huge selection of items for Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Swordsman, PWI, and Forsaken World. For a limited time, players can save up to 30% off our top-down cooperative shooter, Livelock.” Check out the complete details below!

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Swordsman launches the Lone Wanderer expansion

The latest expansion for Swordsman should improve any and all of your bird-related adventures with the new Falconer class. Falconers, to the surprise of no one, can use a trained falcon to attack their foes. It’s not like a class named “Falconer” would throw rocks at its enemies or train dogs, after all. The good news is that the expansion includes plenty of things if you’re perfectly happy with your current class and its lack of bird-based attacks.

The Lone Wanderer expansion also ups the game’s level cap to 99 and adds in the Scenery Stone system to allow characters even greater heights of power. There are also new Glass Weapons, which are quite powerful rather than being the sort of sword that shatters the second you swing it at something. Players are being offered a free mount to celebrate the update’s release, with a code included in the patch notes; it’s available until June 30th.

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Swordsman’s Lone Wanderer Falconer class literally rides eagles

On the way to Swordsman Online “soon,” the Lone Wanderer expansion introduces a brand-new class: the Falconer.

“These resilient warriors are the last remaining survivors of a blood-soaked massacre that wiped out the legendary Infinity School. Hardened by battle, the Falconers turn to their only companions, eagles that they have raised from hatchlings. The giant predatory birds protect their handlers from enemies and also fly them through the air to help them launch aerial attacks.”

At last, a good reason to shout, “The eagles are coming!” The expansion will also introduce glass weapons, raise the level cap to 99, implement a character improvement system, offer a FFA PvP arena, and feature the usual assortment of endgame content. Check out the Falconer’s screenshots and trailer below!

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Perfect World International lands on Steam with new player housing system

Perfect World is intent this week on rolling out the remainder of its MMORPG catalogue to Steam. Earlier this year, we saw Swordsman take up a place on Valve’s platform; this week, it’s Perfect World International. Coinciding with the Steam launch is Elysium, the game’s 12th (!) expansion, which includes a new housing system for level 90+ characters, a new 10-man raid, new gear, and new mounts.

Elysium’s new Homestead System invites players with characters Level 90 and above to build and customize their very own homes. Hidden in a realm isolated from the rest of the Perfect World lies an exquisite mansion, waiting to be claimed. Players can choose from hundreds of different options to design and furnish these grand structures. PWI’s new Homesteads also give players a new way to interact with one another, as they are able make trades, craft items, post jobs and generate resources.

Enjoy the trailer below!

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PWE’s wuxia MMORPG Swordsman is getting a new expansion called Lone Wanderer

Perfect World Entertainment has just announced a brand-new expansion for Swordsman, its 2014 MMORPG based on the wuxia novels of Louis Cha. Called Lone Wanderer, the expansion includes a new Falconer class, a new weapon system, a new character improvement system, and a level cap bump up to 99.

“Tragedy has fallen upon one of Swordsman’s infamous martial arts schools. The Infinity School, a legendary institution known for training masters of attrition, has been completely destroyed. From its ashes rises a new faction, the Falconers. Each elusive survivor is accompanied by an eagle, who never leaves its master’s side and attacks any oncoming enemies. Together they roam the earth without fear, striking down anyone who stands in their way. When Lone Wanderer is released, players can take advantage of this powerful new class for the very first time.”

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