Perfect World Entertainment sprinkles holiday events across its library


With so many Christmas events popping up this month, there’s no time nor space to spread them out. Perfect World Entertainment seems to think so, too, because it sent out a press blast with a list of what’s going on in all of its MMORPGs. Let’s run down all six live games:

Neverwinter: The Winter Festival of Simril is running from December 14th through January 4th, with free Starlight vouchers, sled racing, ice fishing, bonuses, and the possibility of earning sled mounts.

Star Trek Online: Q’s Winter Wonderland is back through January 18th, giving players plenty of time to compete in crazy activities to earn a free T6 starship and Wesley Crusher’s ski outfit (seriously).

Champions Online: The toys have gone crazy once more, and heroes are called on to vanquish them and apparently ruin Christmas for a whole city of kids. This winter event is going through January 4th.

Perfect World International: There are holiday login rewards, living snowmen with special loot, a penguin march, a brand-new Frost Kirin quest, and even a special present under the tree on December 25th.

Forsaken World: There are a successive series of events planned, including a Krampus raid, a 12-day login event, and a new year’s resolutions event.

Swordsman: Log in between December 21st and the 26th for extra charge points to spend in the store.

Source: Press release

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Richard de Leon III

I always look forward to the winter and summer events in STO. I apreciate being able to earn end game ships for free.