An ‘Elite: Deadly’ trademark has been registered

This was not actually complex.

Are you enjoying flying through space in Elite: Dangerous but not how the game’s news cycle has quieted down? Let’s change that. A trademark has been registered for Elite: Deadly covering computer games, online interactive games, and more or less anything that would qualify as more Elite on either your home computer or console. Or even your tablet, possibly.

The trademark owner is not listed, although the firm that registered the trademark works for Frontier Developments, so it does seem safe to assume this trademark represents something for Elite: Dangerous. But what? An expansion? An update? A port? A line of novelty wines? Aside from the last one, there are arguments to be made for any of the above. So mull it over and get to speculating; there are no wrong answers in the rumor mill until we find out one way or the other.

[Source: PCGamesN via VG24/7]
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