Behind the scenes of Armored Warfare

This genre clings to life like... well, zombie survival.
At first glance, Armored Warfare definitely looks like a World of Tanks clone. That’s not by accident, either. A recent article highlights the genesis of the game from concept to the present; apparently, the designers were very consciously designing a direct competitor for World of Tanks right down to the vehicles featured. That meant covering modern weapons of war, ranging from main battle tanks to artillery, jeeps.

Obsidian also tells Polygon that the team sought to set the game in a historical timeframe that its rival doesn’t touch, which allows the game to feature modern vehicles and keeps the general feeling of a tactical competitive shooter without simply slapping on some newer tanks and calling it done. Read through the full article for a more thorough look under the hood at elements like trading tank commanders; it’s very strongly inspired by World of Tanks, but the game is striving to be more than simply a clone.

We’ve got a video showing off the five vehicle classes below.

[Source: Polygon, Official Site]
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