Coleman says there’s ‘no shame in waiting’ to back Crowfall


Holding off on backing Crowfall, even though over a million dollars’ worth of players have contributed to the PvP title? J. Todd Coleman says that it’s OK, as following or contributing to any game in development is a “leap of faith.”

Coleman penned a short essay in which he said that the team has a vision but won’t be forcing itself to follow the design document to the letter. “We have a high-level architecture that is a fantastic foundation,” he wrote, “and a design architecture that lends itself to an unprecedented level of flexibility and iteration. We have collected a motley crew that has as much experience as any other team on the planet… but the details aren’t all in focus, yet.”

He doesn’t lay on the guilt for waiting to contribute but instead chooses to appeal to the pioneering spirit within us: “If you want to wait, that’s fine. I get it. No shame in waiting… but, to stretch my analogy to the limit, it just means that while we are on this adventure, you’ll be back at shore hoping that WE find the New World and come back to get you.”

[Source: Official forums]

Update! Crowfall heard you liked videos, so here’s the latest one, starring environmental art lead Jon O’Neal:

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