Star Citizen posts weapon design blog, music featurette, and more

Get in and get moving, I hear the law!

Cloud Imperium dropped a whole bunch of Star Citizen news updates this weekend, including a video featurette on composer Pedro Camacho, another week of Arena Commander test drive unlocks for backers, a new letter from the chairman, and a design update focused on the space sim sandbox’s weapon mounts.

“The ultimate goal for Arena Commander (and ultimately a persistent universe) is that it will be simple for a player to pick up a ship, launch off into space and enjoy the experience,” CIG says. “At the same time, we are building a customization system that allows for near-infinite complexity and a constant sense of progression. You don’t have to drill down to specifics like weapons mounts or technology overclocking… but you can, and the game will reward you for it.”

[Source: Design blog; thanks Cardboard and Darkwalker75!]
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