Trion makes amends for ArcheAge’s dolphingate

I cannot believe dolphingate is a thing. How is reporting on this my job. How would I explain this to my grandpa. Or my grandkids when I'm old.

During its official ArcheAge stream earlier today, Trion Worlds explained just how it will make amends to its players for the dolphingate fallout — dolphingate being, of course, what the internet has decided to call Trion’s controversial decision to bestow arguably excessive gifts on former players, including a rare dolphin mount it insisted was merely cosmetic. Last night, the studio agreed it had “missed the mark” with the promotion; today, it’s outlined its plans going forward.

Reddit user Vyntares transcribed those plans: Community appreciation rewards will be given to all players regardless of their status. Free players will receive a number of items including chests, labor tickets, tonics, and library indexes, while paying patrons are walking away with all that and then some, with a stack of potions, lucky points, essences, plus starlight glider customization and naturally that cyanfin mount. You get a dolphin and you get a dolphin and we all get dolphins!

Reddit is pleased with Trion’s tribute.

[Source: Reddit. Thanks again, Kinya!]
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