Have fun in Guild Wars 2’s ‘jungle playground’


Just because Guild Wars 2 is adding more zones with Heart of Thorns doesn’t mean that these maps will be the same-old experiences with a verdant coat of paint. The team said that it’s stocking its “jungle playground” with plenty of toys, choices, and experiences that will offer high replayability and player adaptivity.

In a new post today, the team said that the map is split into vertical biomes with a wide variety of activities: “Players can explore jumping puzzles in the trees, hopping from crashed and flaming Pact airships to giant, grasping Mordrem vines, and they can scale rope bridges and wooden walkways that connect the forest floor to colorful hylek tree-frog villages in the boughs.”

Other features coming with the new maps include a day/night cycle during which worse mobs come out in the darkness, branching choices in story missions, the return of player character vocal dialogue, and NPCs that appear on the map based on decisions that the player has made.

[Source: Making the most of Maguuma]
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