RIFT turns a raid into an instant adventure playground


Raids are usually the purview of, y’know, raiders in MMOs, which is unfortunate as much of the game’s population won’t get to see all of the work that developers put into these spaces. RIFT is nothing if not thrifty in this department, however, first offering chronicles that give a solo tour of these instances and now opening up the Hammerknell raid to instant adventurers.

With Update 3.2, RIFT will rework Hammerknell as an instant adventure space, which the devs say is perfect because it gave them “a whole lot more flexibility” as they could control the flow in a confined space better than they could in the open world.

The update will improve instant adventures in several additional ways. IAs will be rewarding only active participants, won’t start in areas with zone events, will give notoriety tokens, and will offer both a random and featured queue.

[Source: Dev diary]
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