WildStar is now on clearance at Best Buy

Make my time a priority.

So… you all remember how yesterday saw WildStar boxes being yanked in Australia, combined with that promotion encouraging players to buy more boxes of the game? That could mean anything, sure. But the game going on clearance at Best Buy? That… um… well, that could also mean lots of things, but there’s a pretty obvious trajectory here.

On the bright side, the clearance means that you can get the promotional items (or a chance at the promotional items) for just $5 more than the cost of the month of time included with the box. That’s a good thing. On the less-than-bright side, if you were hoping that there was some totally mundane explanation behind yesterday’s antics (aside from a business model shift), the odds of that are swiftly vanishing.

[Source: BestBuy.com; thanks to Mike for the tip!]
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