WildStar outlines its PvP seasons as the first season ends

Why does everyone have this plan after the fact instead of before?

The next major patch for WildStar is bringing the end of a season of PvP. Did you know you were taking part in the first PvP season? Quite possibly not. But with the one-year anniversary of the game’s launch looming just over the horizon, the first season is ending; personal and team ratings will be wiped, with the highest-rated teams earning special titles to show off for bragging rights.

This announcement comes along with a fairly detailed breakdown of the game plan for future seasons, as well, starting with “floors” for rating brackets – below a rating of 400 you can’t lose any rating, and every subsequent increment of 400 introduces a floor that you cannot fall below. So once you hit 1200, no matter how many times you lose, you can’t drop below 1200. There’s also an in-depth system of planned rewards; you can check out the full breakdown for more details as the next patch ushers in a transitional time before season 2 starts up properly.

[Source: Goodbye Season 1, Hello Season 1.5]
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