Star Trek Online interviews Voyager veterans and Season 10 voice actors

Star Trek Online
Star Trek Online’s Season 10: The Iconian War adds franchise veterans Robert Duncan McNeill and Lisa LoCicero to the fold. McNeill and LoCicero will be voicing digital versions of Tom Paris and Miral Paris, who will be fighting alongside player captains during the Iconian invasion.

Cryptic has interviewed McNeill and LoCicero and posted the pieces on SoundCloud, so be sure to listen in if you’d like to learn more about the actors and how they took to working on an MMORPG.

[Source: Celebrity interviews]

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Werewolf Finds Dragon
Werewolf Finds Dragon

Sorry I diverged so much, there. It’s just fair play to explain why I’m so passionate about certain games, isn’t it? Hopefully now you can understand why I love non-binary, progressive, Cosmopolitan games so much.

They teach people good values, rather than the usual old brainrot that makes people xenophobic.

Werewolf Finds Dragon
Werewolf Finds Dragon

(( Continued from above. ))
I’m going to explain, though, what Cosmopolitan is before
anyone gets confused or angry. It’s essentially creating a code of
ethics for all to live by that allows the most freedom and expression,
whilst also causing the least amount of suffering. It goes beyond law
and into the territory of basing the rules of life around tolerance and
understanding of that which is different.
You wouldn’t, for
example, be punishing a disabled person just for being disabled. Which
has become so popular, these days, hasn’t it? Even Guardians of the
Galaxy got in on the joke. Disabled people have no feelings, obviously.
is why my power fantasies are so different, I’ve experienced life from a
perspective that most people haven’t. So I love being the person
solving puzzles to set a bunch of slaves free (Uru), I love being the
cheesy werebear superhero who’s fighting a bunch of human supremacists
(CO’s VIPER et al) to save animal people, I love being the guy who’s
heading off the awful forces of oppression and stagnation (ESO).
I’d rather not be killing in the latter, though. Still, it’s appealing to an MMO audience, so I suppose
it has to take those power fantasies into account. Sigh. I’d like to
see a more even balance, though. Of games which are just the same old
familiar rot, and others which try more interesting things.
think, after all I’ve been through, experienced, and seen, I can say
that I’m an interesting person. To quoth a certain wise dragon, that which doesn’t kill you can only make you stranger.
I was there when gay bashers were a thing, I’m here now when mentally
disabled bashers are a thing. That’s human nature, and what I can say is
that I personally don’t find that appealing. Maybe I want to follow
something that isn’t human nature.
I think I need to explain this
to try and illustrate why I was so attached to the games I was attached
to. I’m sure to most that CO was just an exercise in ’60s silliness, a
pale imitation of City of Heroes. To me, CO was a Cosmopolitan,
progressive society that looked out for each other to guard against more
corruptive, oppressive forces.
Consider how interesting it is
that in City of Heroes, if you were to create a werewolf, you’d get
hounded (heh) for looking like a villain. I know because I was. No,
seriously. People came up to me and said ‘This isn’t City of Villains,
you’re playing the wrong game.’ If you were to pick any sample of our
species, the majority of minds would work in such a binary, stagnant
way. So CoH always had undertones of nastiness.
City of Heroes
actually did have you fighting the foreign, black, disabled, ugly evil,
as the beautiful, white, healthy, Aryan good. It was very unsettling. I
wasn’t allowed to be anything other than the former. If I chose to be
the latter, it actually upset players. This made me feel
distinctly uncomfortable, especially as the majority of humans were
sculpted white men, or sculpted women with beachball boobs, too. It made
my skin crawl. 
So I left CoH behind and tried Champions Online.
There was none of that, there. In fact, they even had the human
supremacists, just to make a point. Yeah, I know that they were from the
source material, but it felt like Cryptic wanted to go out of their way
to make a point with them. So you every kind of person imaginable teaming up to fight them. And to arrest them, not to kill them. It felt good. It wasn’t this exclusionary mess.
have a feeling that the culprit behind all this, in designers and
players, is probably oxytocin. It’s something that’s been observed to be
excessively low in autistic persons, but very high in extroverts. This
is why extroverts tend to irritate me and get under my skin so much.
What does oxytocin do? It drives you to be obsessed with your in-group,
your clique. You’d lie, steal, or kill to protect them. This has
actually been tested for, the results are out there if you want to
search for them. It also makes you more superficially lovey-dovey (but
in an ‘I want to get in your pants’ way), too. This is why autistic
people may seem more cold, but they’ve also got the ethics of a much
bigger picture at heart. They care, logically, about a greater group of
I don’t like exclusion. It’s as simple as that. I remember
how pleased I was in ESO when an orc came to the Dominion, and numerous
Dominion soldiers put their lives on the line to save that orc’s wife.
She wasn’t of strategic significance, it’s just that if you pledge to be
in with the Dominion, they go all in. She was now a Dominion Citizen in
all but paperwork, so there were elite marines (talons) risking their
lives to save her. And Queen Ayrenn doesn’t give a damn about species,
only loyalty to a progressive cause. I really dig that, that’s awesome.
This is who I am.
may get angry at extroverts, but only because of how obsessed they are
with their own failings — they’re xenophobic, binary, petty, and
small-minded. And the majority seem to be proud of that. Look at the UK
and how ready everyone is to vote in the Tories, because they believe
that disabled people can’t exist. If an extrovert hasn’t experienced
something, the person must be faking, so clearly it’s just fraud and
they’re conning the government. Clearly. All true. No room for
reasonable doubt whatsoever.
There’s a fanaticism and zealotry to
that that bothers me. And I’m not even sure that I’m better off than I
would’ve been in the dark ages. Back then, they would’ve just decided I
was some satan-spawn and burned me. Today, they’re trying to ensure that
I can’t get enough money to live on.
I have a very personal stake
in Cosmopolitanism. The UK used to be more Cosmoplitan, but it’s
converting from that to Idiocracy, these days. A nation that used to be
on the far left is heading more and more to the far right. A nation of
easily brainwashed people who lack the self awareness to realise that
they’re nothing more than puppets with clever sociopaths pulling their
strings. A nation of people stupid enough to believe that poor disabled
people are hoarding all their money, rather than rich, tax-evading,
overseas-accounts holding fatcats.
I regularly feel demonised just
for being born. As such, I believe that Cosmopolitanism is the only way
to go. And the only forms of entertainment that attract me any more are
the ones that are more progressive. I loved Star Trek and Stargate for
that. Those shows often called people on their idiocy. Even comedy shows
like Xena & Herc pointed out how ridiculous it is to have so much
hatred for something just for being different. But what can you do?So,
yeah. Champions Online was so promising for many reasons. But one of
them was that it was genuinely Cosmopolitan. That’s why it deserved
better. It’s why Cryptic deserved better. But hey, stupid management…

Werewolf Finds Dragon
Werewolf Finds Dragon

I want to say that’s just not true. In the beta of Champions Online, it looked like Cryptic had so much promise. It had features that other MMOs have needed for ages (like the HQ system, albeit perhaps less costly). And some of the staff, like Tumerboy, were an absolute joy to banter with. He did his best no matter how incredibly toxic the community became (and they gave him hell over the tiniest things, it was really unfortunate).
It was bad management. From day one, it was bad management. The talent, there? The coders, the artists, the designers, and so on? They were great, but the managers pushed for an ever more grindy and exploitative game, and it became progressively worse with each patch. The game has been butchered now, yes, it’s a ghost town. But if only you could’ve seen what it was in beta…
So I don’t hate Cryptic, I just feel really irate at their management for always making the wrong choices. Had they not, they could’ve still been independent by this point, rather than being owned. PWE might be a fair employer, but it’s gotten even worse under them. They have a form of resource to grind for, WoW-style, and those lockboxes which contain game changers that can’t be got anywhere but lockboxes. Not good. (Just as an aside, my beef isn’t against lockboxes per se, but implementations of them that contain unique items. I believe TSW has lockboxes, but they don’t contain unique items that you can’t get elsewhere?)
I just feel really sad that they never got a chance. I saw greatness in Champions Online, it was a brilliantly clever game, with some pretty damned great writing (the NPC lines et al). It was a cheesy, ’60s superhero game, but that’s something that really appeals to me. I’m comfortable enough with myself as an individual to not fall in with the lower-functioning let’s pretend “intellectuals” that believe everything has to be dark and edgy.
I have enough ‘dark and edgy’ in my life considering how ill I am, and I contend with the philosophies of my own mortality on a semi-regular basis, but I try not to think about it too much. I might not be in this position, but yanno, humans are greedy critters who’d prefer the luxurious familiarity of stagnation over all else. Not much I can do about that, eh? Though I do hope that I’ll be able to reach some people with my desire for more diversity and more of the fantastic in video games, as an affront to The Homogeneity.
So… yes. I don’t need games to make me feel negative. I can do that all by myself by examining the nature of our world, species, and future just a little too closely. I’d prefer optimistic things, I don’t want to revel in that. This is why I think the whole ‘dark and edgy’ thing truly is for less intelligent people, because they revel in the familiar stagnation without actually perceiving how awful it is, so they require entertainment mediums to make it Super Obvious, that they might get the feels. No thanks.
And that’s why certain MMOs bug me. They try to be grim and edgy by having forces of endless taint. Yet we have a force of endless taint at work in the world today — stagnation. We’ve become so comfortable that we’re slowing down, our brains are shrinking, and we’re on the road to extinction. That’s our reality, does our entertainment really need to contend with such, too? Not only that, but in the case of certain MMOs (I’m looking at you, WoW), the whole corruptive taint thing (the one where the world is going to hell in green goo) feels almost fetishistic?
One of the reasons I like Elder Scrolls Online so much is that it’s a game where I genuinely feel I can make a difference, it’s very good at that. The Thalmor College, for example, had me grinding my teeth right up until the moment I took out the Veiled Heritance presence.Now that was some good tension. It was even interesting that they were trying to off me under the pretense of having a bit of ‘play sparring’ with their instructors. The difference I made there, though, was heartwarming. I hung around the college for a little bit, just enjoying it.
That’s the thing.
My power fantasy is different from your power fantasy. Mine isn’t about killing the foreign, black, disabled, ugly evil, as the beautiful, white, healthy, Aryan good; It isn’t about the glory, the riches, and the recognition; It isn’t about having beautiful mating partners wrapped around my legs; It isn’t about reveling in pools of opulence; It isn’t about having a testosterone-fueled urge to kill everything, to save people in mud huts who’re apparently completely incapable of helping themselves; It isn’t about godhood through ancient artifacts and gearsets; It’s not about being a barbaric serial killer, looking to always add another number to his killcount; It’s about none of that.
My power fantasy is about making a difference, changing the world to be a better and more Cosmopolitan place for everyone involved; It’s about working with a diverse group of people to help make that happen; It’s about being a healer and helping the sick and the soulsick; It’s about being an agent of change, to drive off the stagnation that’s rotting the very core of people away; It’s about being very open to new experiences, engaging in them and helping to bring them about; It’s about absorbing the various kinds of philosophy, ethics, and perspectives the world has to offer and using those to my advantage to make things better.
In other words? I’m happy with a game with Champions Online because I’m not someone who’s murdering people, I’m arresting them. Elder Scrolls Online pushes similar buttons in my head as part of the Aldmeri Dominion, which is a kindly, progressive movement out to change the world and make it more Cosmopolitan, for the better. My favourite games do stuff like this.
(( Continued in the comments. ))


Werewolf Finds Dragon I would comment, but you just said exactly what I would have said.

Werewolf Finds Dragon
Werewolf Finds Dragon

They’re not animated, they’re not screeching audio at me, they’re not plastered as a super-ad over the entire website, they’re not throwing malware at my system. I think you’re good, Bree. I honestly wish more of the Internet was like that.


CastagereShaikura I just bought an older ship for $20 and am loving the heck out of it. Granted, the Vesta was stupid good when it was released to begin with but still. Tier 6 is there if you want it, but Tier 5 is still viable and good.


Caerulei I’m glad the affiliate links aren’t bugging you! They aren’t much good to people who already have accounts, of course, but if not, then they help you and us. :D


I’m liking the “play for free” button.  It’s unobtrusive, pertinent to the topic, and lets me know which games have a free to play option if I want to check them out on a whim.


Grifter Technically, yes.  But, in canon, she occupies a somewhat messianic role for some not-insignificant portion of the Klingon culture as the Kuvah’Magh, is the security chief on the U.S.S. Kirk. and was been a recurring character in STO during the Klingon War episode.


This latest money grab update doesn’t seem to be doing well though. They just do them to add new and better ships that you can spend money on. And they are 30 dollars each. So players that bought a new ship months ago are pissed off now. Great IP in the hands of a really bad company.