The cowpocalypse hits Diablo III for its anniversary


Hey, would you look at that: Today is Diablo III’s third anniversary! Of course, this being a hell-torn haunted world, there can’t be a birthday party with balloons and pin-the-tail-on-the-Diablo. No, the way the game celebrates is by throwing open the gates and allowing deadly cows to invade.

From today through May 21st, the cowpocalypse is upon Diablo III. During this period, players can discover and enter portals that take them to bovine battlefields.

Blizzard was tongue-in-cheek when covering the event: “There are no homicidal heifers. There is no invasion. And more specifically, there is no cow level. Anyone who claims otherwise is full of bull and simply milking this terrible prank for all that it’s worth.”

Source: Diablo III
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