RuneScape players fend off a planet eater


Bummer: A giant creature named Tuska is heading toward RuneScape’s world with the full intent of gobbling it up. Wait, did we say bummer? We meant awesome, because that means a fun new summer event for players.

Players will be banding together to fend off the intergalactic beast, and to do that they’ll need to make deals with gods and hop across planetoids in an effort to take the fight to Tuska itself. Fighting the monster isn’t without its rewards, and Jagex has prepared a brand-new World Eater armor set, new cosmetic weapons, and even an additional ability to those who put in the effort.

The studio even hinted that the outcome of the event may have an impact on the game world itself, although we kind of doubt that Jagex is prepared to let a monster deal a killing blow to an entire planet. Then again, you never know!

Source: Jagex press release
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