You can bounty hunt rogue agents in The Division


Looking for a fun place to vacation next year? We do not recommend The Division’s Dark Zone, unless you find a lawless area of player conflict and terrifying threats an ideal destination.

A new blog post on the upcoming title talks about its specially designed PvP zone. The Dark Zone isn’t a mere pit in which to kill each other but a place where missions are assigned and separate teams have to decide to work together or against each other.

The most interesting mechanic of the Dark Zone is the rogue flag. Whenever a player attacks another player in the area, he’s flagged as a rogue for a period of time. For the duration of theĀ flag, other players will get a reward bonus for killing the rogue. Ubisoft anticipates that some players may choose to operate as bounty hunters and track down rogue agents.

The Division is heading into beta in winter 2015 and will release next March.

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