E3 2015: The Crew announces ‘Wild Run’ expansion

Wild monster trucks couldn't drag me away.

The world of The Crew is getting a big upgrade later this year. Part of that is just a visual upgrade that’s coming along with the game’s new Wild Run expansion, but it also comes down to new driving options. The expansion will introduce three new types of vehicles – motorcycles, dragsters, and monster trucks, all of which will allow you to explore the world and take part in very different sorts of drives.

You don’t have to drive one of those new vehicles to get in on the game’s new Drift spec, which will happily allow you to sail through turns before gunning the gas like never before. Last but not least, the expansion’s preliminary feature list also includes a major event called The Summit, which bringsĀ drivers together from across the nation for all sorts of racing. Check out the trailer just below.

Source: Official Announcement. Thanks, Fastcart!
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