Marvel Heroes 2016 rebranding is in the works


Remember when Marvel Heroes was just Marvel Heroes? I mean, it still kind of is, at least around these parts where no one refers to it by its official Marvel Heroes 2015 title. Apparently an annualized rebranding is part of the game’s long-term plan, though, according to a GameSauce interview with Gazillion boss David Brevik.

“It’s kind of a common practice for annualized products,” Brevik explains, “so we took that and said we’ll rebrand it as Marvel Heroes 2015 and get new reviews, and we were able to raise our Metacritic score from a 58 to an 81, which proved that all of our hard work and effort had really gone a long way, making the product much better. And it garnered a bunch of new attention, and a whole bunch of new audience.”

Brevik goes on to the say that unlike last year, the 2016 rebranding won’t happen on the game’s anniversary, but it will have a big patch associated with it. There’s much more to the interview, too, so click through the link below if you’re interested.

Source: GameSauce
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