Player falsely accuses Trion Worlds of censorship


Another day, another cautionary tale in trying to wield lies in the face of a game studio with access to factual records. In this case, it was the recent attempt by a player to accuse Trion Worlds of delivering an in-game suspension in ArcheAge for daring to criticize the studio in chat.

While this claim initially riled players against Trion, new CM Celestrata came on the scene to clear up the issue. It turns out that the suspension happened in Trove, not ArcheAge, and because the player was flinging about gay slurs, not because of any studio criticism.

“CS was able to pull the chat logs, and we can say that this ban was carried out appropriately,” Celestrata wrote. “While the user did criticize Trion, it wasn’t the criticism that caught the ban. It’s the fact that he used a gay slur in said criticisms. The slur in question seems to have been removed from the screenshot provided […] All in all, he had 10 more violations of our rules that lead to his ban, all of them using hate speech or descriptions of sex acts. By the way, all of this happened in Trove, a game that possesses an ESRB rating of E 10+. None of this took place in ArcheAge.”

Source: Imgur, Reddit
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