Champions Online is letting players take a walk on the villainous side

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Having an option to play a supervillain in an MMO can be tough, since supervillains are usually meant to have big skills and powers to threaten the heroes. Champions Online has a solution to that problem by allowing players to temporarily become the villain, rampaging through the streets of Millennium City with all of the powers and abilities of a villain. It’s a twist on the standard formula to give players the fun of villainous action without an entirely separate game focused around villain play.

Players taking part in these villainous rampages earn the ability to unlock new villains to rampage as along with hero gear, thus making it a rewarding experience for the times when you’re not stomping around the city. Conversely, players who take down the villains rampaging through the city will earn tokens that allow those players to go on their own rampages. It’s going to be interesting to see how the system shakes out when it goes live at some time in September, but the potential is there for quite a bit of villainous fun.

Source:; thanks to HidingCat for the tip!
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