The Secret World’s Samhain Halloween event stalks in next week


Halloween is just around the corner, and so is The Secret World’s Samhain event: festivities kick off next Tuesday, October 27th.  Every year the game that does Halloween best outdoes itself, and players have been waiting on pins and needles to see what the new event will hold this year. So far we know that there will be a new mission (written by Funcom Creative Director Joel Bylos himself) with a new reward bag of goodies; all indications are that the mission will tie in with The Park, which releases the same day. As in years past, players can complete the previous year’s events, and the 2014 bag will go up for sale. If you just can’t wait until Tuesday to find out more, be sure to catch the official Streaming Ones livestream on Friday, October 23rd, when devs will reveal even more.

Source: Twitter. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!

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