Warframe’s Jordas Precept patch is now on consoles

Digital Extremes wants you to know about The Jordas Precept, which is Warframe’s latest update and which is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. The patch adds “a hulking mass of infestation ready to assimilate all that stands in its path,” and fortunately it also includes things like big updates to missions, mechanics, and the Archwing UI to help players combat said infestation.

New enemies, warframes, and weapons are the order of the day, including tekko iron fists, convectrix twin lasers, and a massive wave of sonic energy known as a sonicor.

Source: Digital Extremes press release

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AdeptusEnginus Yeah, Warframe is really fun gameplay-wise, but they’ve been steadily increasing the grindy nature of the game and making it worse and worse to where it’s been turning me off more than anything.   Like I love the tilesets and the look and feel of the game and even grinding out weapons/frames/etc. can be fun in spurts, but in the past year or so they’ve just added a ton more grind to the game with the rewards basically just being new stuff that might not even be worth it.


Ugh, the Jordas Precept is a really crappy one, quest-wise. I get that they make the newer Warframes harder to obtain to make buying them with platinum more appealing, but DAMN. The Blueprint drop rate for the Pods is so atrociously low, and Juggernauts themselves are a pain in the ass to kill unless you’re using very specific weapons/frames.
All that finalized with an Archwing boss, meaning actually farming the Atlas parts directly requires having actually having leveled your Archwing stuff to a reasonable level, along with actually having access to mods and the like.

I personally actually have a decently solid Archwing loadout, but to people who don’t…ugh. Archwing is the hardest part of the game to break into, and as a result most people don’t even bother.

It pains me for the console players. With their lower population, meaning even LESS people who have good archwing gear, it makes me figure only the most hardcore of the hardcore will be getting him over there any time soon. Hell, we’ve had the patch a few weeks now on PC and I don’t think I’ll be actually building Atlas any time soon. That’s time I could be spending farming these fucking Neurodes that refuse to drop.