Shroud of the Avatar prepares for Halloween fun in Release 23

It's the best holiday.

It’s nearly the end of the month, and Shroud of the Avatar players know by now that that means a new release for the game. This month’s release has a bit of the holiday spirit for the end of October, with a plethora of spooky content promised for players who log in and play. This comes along with some re-evaluations about what goes in the game store and what is freely available for players; while there’s a preference toward the former as the studio is still raising funds, the goal is to keep a fair balance.

Release 23 also includes a lot of other elements, though, including updates to fishing and taming, new starting scenes, updates to certain questlines, and balance adjustments for combat progression. It’s a meaty update for the end of the month; if you’re eager to get in and start playing, check out the full set of release instructions.


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