The Repopulation patches delayed due to Hero Engine issues

This didn't work out all right.

Fans of The Repopulation have grown accustomed to an aggressive testing and update schedule, but the testing schedule has suddenly and unexpectedly slowed. A post on the official forums confirms that the issue comes down to being unrelated to The Repopulation itself and entirely due to the makers of the Hero Engine powering the game being in the midst of contract and financial renegotiation.

Unfortunately we can only say so much due to confidentiality agreements. A third party partner of ours has run into some issues though which are having a trickle down affect on us. This has prevented 15.10.1 from being deployed (it was ready on our end 10 days ago) and may have an affect on things moving forward. We became aware of this issue less than a week ago, and have been working with them to try to minimize its impact. We can’t say much else at this time, when we can we will.

I am also aware that some of this information has been leaked by other teams. But we do ask you to please understand if we can not comment on those specific statements from others. We do respect our confidentiality agreements on these things, and the last thing they need at this point is to worry about more external pressure while they attempt to solve the situation and minimize the damage.

I would also add that nobody is more disappointed in these delays to the patches than we are. We had a very aggressive timeline planned for the remainder of the year which woulds have seen 15.10.1 available on the 22nd of last month, and the hardcore server and account perks release next week. We were blindsided by these issues, but are hopeful that a solution can be reached in a timely manner.

What does this mean for the game in the long term? It remains to be seen; everything at this point depends on what happens next with the aforementioned negotiations. No full update has been given to the community as yet because Above and Beyond Technologies is in the same boat as everyone else, sitting and waiting to find out what happens next. We can only hope it works out well for all involved parties and that the game’s aggressive update schedule continues.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Sethman for the tip. The original titleĀ of this post implied the entire game was delayed, but as the post clarifies, it is the testing schedule that has been delayed. We’ve amended the wording accordingly.
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