Dogma: Eternal Night puts up new pre-order page


Dogma: Eternal Night is not about to let a flopped Kickstarter campaign get in the way of its money. Er, dreams. Well, probably dreams and money. The studio wasted no time in getting a new pre-order page up for fans who would like to back this dark supernatural MMO, even though alpha access is a while off yet.

The pre-order page sells four packs, including a “pay what you want” selection. The packs include bonuses like the soundtrack, wallpaper, an in-game apartment, and alpha and beta access. There are also options to tack on special purchases such as having your mug made into a most wanted poster and slathered all over the game ($200) and a personal mansion ($500).

As of the writing of this post, Dogma has raised $3,778 through its store.

Source: Dogma, pre-order page. Thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!
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